Arabic makeup as a way to highlight their attractiveness and sexuality

Arabic makeup as a way to highlight their attractiveness and sexuality

East has always attracted to him their secrets, luxury, unusual traditions and, of course, oriental beauties. Probably not a woman who would not have dreamed of even a day to become a real princess Arab sheik. And it is quite possible, you only need to master the traditional Arabic makeup - and you will unlock the secrets of attraction and sexuality eastern European women.

make-up feature in the style of the East

All residents of the Arab faithful to the traditions, which do not allow a woman to open her face people. Eyes - the only part of the face that is visible to all, which is why Arabic makeup focuses on this part of the face. Today, this technique is the application of decorative cosmetics more Europeanized, but the basic principles remain the same and secrets:

  • immaculate clear line of eyebrows.
  • A mandatory attribute becomes eyeliner exclusively black.
  • The shadows of bright, saturated colors: purple, pink, purple, gold, terracotta and so on. It is also allowed to use pearlescent shadows with glitter.
  • Very often, as an additional decoration can be used rhinestones and sequins - both on the eyelids and eyelashes.
  • In order to make use of the lips soft, pastel shades to make them more attractive and sensual, but not to distract the attention.
Arabic makeup as a way to highlight their attractiveness and sexuality

It is believed that particularly suitable Arabic makeup for brown eyes or green magical, but it does not mean that the blue-eyed beauty can not afford it. The main thing - to choose the right color palette of shadows.

Arabic makeup - applying the technique

In order to achieve a perfect bright and expressive eyes, you should observe the following rules and principles applying makeup in oriental style:

  • Like any other Arabic eye makeup requires exceptional tone and complexion. So use corrective tone means to align the skin and create a suitable foundation.
  • The second step - applying blush. With the help of them you're a little podkorrektiruete your oval face. Color is best to use close to natural - creamy, golden, peach. Remember that Arabic makeup does not tolerate bright cheeks. Arabic makeup as a way to highlight their attractiveness and sexuality
  • Eyebrows require special attention. Their form has to be perfect and clear, so you really have become similar to the oriental beauties. Line growth can be a little extended with a special pencil or shadow eyebrow.
  • The most important stage - the application of shadows. Before you begin this process, prepare the eyelid skin with a special base or tone means. This will allow the shadows to go to a denser layer and to stay as long as possible. The minimum number of colors, which you must use - 2; maximum almost does not exist, but be careful not to overdo it.
  • Arrows - without this element Arabic makeup is simply impossible. For their prorisovyvaniya can use pencil or liquid eyeliner. The latter will give you a clear line, but requires some skill. Use the arrow gives the eye almond shape: slightly lift up the line at the outer corners of eyes and drop down at the inner.
  • Mascara should be of high quality in the first place, and go smoothly, without lumps. It should be applied in two layers on the upper eyelid and lashes in a single layer, in the case of the lower lashes.
  • In order to make up the lips, use natural shades of lipstick or dim pearly luster.


To Arabic makeup has not played a cruel joke with you and did not vulgar, follow all the rules and principles cited above. Do not be discouraged if at first you do not succeed in this case should be trained - and then you can become a real beauty of the East.