Star, who grew up in a Soviet communal

The phenomenon of communal apartment familiar to almost everyone, is born in the USSR. The communal born and raised millions of ordinary Soviet citizens, and celebrity-Union scale. And many stars fondly remembered his childhood and youth in communal.

Oleg Menshikov

The actor, 58 years old

Star, who grew up in a Soviet communal

His past municipal actor almost did not remember - then Menshikov had very few years. But this did not prevent him to immerse themselves in the communal life of the postwar years in the comedy "The Pokrovsky Gates" on the play by Leonid Zorin. Heroes of the legendary paintings - representatives of the Moscow intelligentsia, who share not only zhilploschat, but also the joy and sorrows of each other, playing wedding and save his comrades out of trouble.

Alisa Freundlich

The actress, 83 years old

Star, who grew up in a Soviet communal

The actress lived in a huge communal 6 families on St. Isaac's Square in Leningrad. Communal apartment, which grew Freundlich, was founded before the war, but after the evacuation, and the blockade of the old tenants have only 2 family, and settled in an apartment, "brand new", which quickly became friends. While she remembers fondly: neighbors celebrated holidays together and share food. Now the actress lives on the famous Rubinstein.

Oleg Basilashvili

The actor, 84 years old

Star, who grew up in a Soviet communal

The actor grew up in Moscow on Pokrovka communal life in which, according to the recollections of the artist, it was poor but friendly. At the apartment tenants have subscribed to one newspaper, which read aloud one by one or in the kitchen.

Boris Grebenshchikov

The musician, 65 years old

Star, who grew up in a Soviet communal

The founder of the "Aquarium" was born in his own apartment on the street in St. Petersburg, Altai, in the non-poor family. musician father worked for the director of the pilot plant of the Baltic shipping company, and his mother - a legal adviser at the Leningrad House of models. But the second wife of rocker was bohemian, constrained in the media. The artist Lyudmila Shurygina school worked as a cleaner and lived in a communal flat in the street Sophia Perovskoy (now - Small Armory), which moved and musician. At the time of his second marriage Grebenshchikov was already a popular Soviet rocker, so the staircase in an apartment quickly filled with suspicious-looking fans who painted the walls of the front door, and someone even brought into the entrance of a grand piano. Since Grebenshchikov living conditions have improved markedly: the musician lives in the house landlady Olga Kushelev at the end of Nevsky.

Alla Pugacheva

The singer, 69 years old

Star, who grew up in a Soviet communal

The first time actress married 20 years - circus performer Mykolas Orbakas and newlyweds allocated a room in a communal apartment, on one staircase with parents Alla. Then young Pugacheva has already begun to act, but do not have to talk about a substantial fee, especially in the young family grew up the daughter Christina. Therefore, spouses often fed by parents.

Joseph Kobzon

Singer, 1937-2018

Star, who grew up in a Soviet communal

As a child Kobzon with his mother, two brothers and grandmother often moved. Before the war, the family moved to the city, and the evacuation went to Uzbekistan. Victory Day met future actor in a communal flat in the city of Slavyansk. Kobzon recalls through the thin walls of the apartment were heard sobbing families receiving regular death notice, but the loudest screams - cries of joy - were heard in the apartment on the day the war ended.

George Millyar

Actor, 1903-1993

Star, who grew up in a Soviet communal

George Millyar, nee de Milieu, was born in a family of aristocrats - French engineer Franz de Milieu and heiress Elizabeth Irkutsk gold-Zhuravlevoj, widowed, when George was three years old. The boy was brought up by governesses, she studied music and languages. Millyar fluent in German and French, but did not advertise during the Soviet era it. In 1917, he and his mother left without means, their Moscow apartment converted into a communal, highlighting the family of one room, and the house in Gelendzhik, where he grew up artist selected. In this communal room with the mother actor went on to live for many years, even becoming a famous artist, and married Millyar only 65 years after the death of his mother - to his neighbor in a communal apartment! Till the end of the wife retained a very gentle and cordial relations.

Yuri Nikulin

Actor and clown, 1921-1997

Star, who grew up in a Soviet communal

When the future artist was 4 years old, his family moved to Moscow from Demidov and settled in a communal area on Razguliay. I did not believe many Nikulin colleagues, but in a communal home, he continued to live, even becoming a famous artist. There's also a wife and settled Nikulin Circus Tatiana Pokrovskaya, there was born their first-born Maxim. Only in the 70s Nikulin family identified the apartment on the reservation and at the same time my mother settled Yuri Nikulin, and his sister with his own family.

Boris Moiseev

The singer, 64 years old

Star, who grew up in a Soviet communal

Moses was born in a women's prison. His mother was a political prisoner, convicted for saying about Stalin. The news of her situation was for the guards shock and Genya Moissevu released early - to avoid a scandal over whether she could become pregnant by someone zechka in prison. Together with her son, she returned to the graves of their relatives in a communal apartment. Childhood in a communal for Moses has always been associated with hunger. He podvorovyval products from the neighbors, trying to eat something for which less would scold: vegetables, boiled chicken, potatoes.

Mikhail Boyarsky

Actor and musician, 68 years old

Star, who grew up in a Soviet communal

together with their parents, actors Sergei Boyarsky and Catherine Melentieva, Mikhail Sergeyevich lived in a tiny room at the potter's street. Nothing romantic in the period Boyarsky finds. But now the actor lives in a spacious apartment in the legendary house on the Moika, which guides called "house Boyarsky". By the way, in the same house, with views of the museum-apartment of Pushkin, rose and Ksenia Sobchak! The first St. Petersburg Mayor Anatoly Sobchak and Lyudmila Narusova moved to the former communal when Xenia was 9 years old, and turned the apartment into a work of art and antique furniture. Lyudmila Narusova still lives in the house next door to the Boyar.