Short dress with a fluffy skirt for young fashionistas

In the modern youth fashion, this model is the clear leader. Often this dress is custom made with a corset. This model is not the first season leading the international fashion show collections. Young and slender girl must have this dress in your wardrobe. It can be worn to the wedding of a friend or prom.

Styles and models of

Short dress with a fluffy skirt for young fashionistas

A short dress with a full skirt can be a variety of styles. It can be a variety of different types of skirts: the sun, the bell skirt, A-type skirt-tulip. In recent years become a very popular model, combining tight satin and airy chiffon. They are fitted silhouette, many prefer a model with a high waist. Sew them with straps or without. These exquisite dresses made to complement tight corsets. Such models are very fond of the graduate.

A short dress with a fluffy skirt: length

This model assumes the length of a mini or just above the knees. However, there are situations where a young girl like to wear short fluffy dress, but it has any shortcomings that do not allow her to do so in the classic version. Dont be upset. You can choose the length to the middle of the knee, and it is possible and just below. This option exists in the collections of many fashion dizynerov.

Short dress with a fluffy skirt for young fashionistas

What colors are in fashion today?

Short dress with full skirt - a striking combination of two or more different shades. Equally popular dresses combined from two colors, and models of mixed colors. Allowed and floral print. Most popular today: red, blue, rich purple and all shades of green. And of course, the very popular short dress with a fluffy skirt in classic black and white. Sometimes, only one small detail: the black flower on a white dress, a belt, or embroidery, the model became fashionable and very stylish. Not less popular monochrome and garments decorated with stones, brooches and additional accessories.

Wedding dresses are too short and bushy

Increasingly popular in recent years become a wedding short dresses. This outfit will allow the bride

Short dress with a fluffy skirt for young fashionistas

to feel very young and air.

What are the ornaments suited to a short dress?

The length and shape of necklaces, pendants chains and depends largely on the shape and depth of the neckline. Massive accessories more suitable for deep cuts. Remember that the yellow metal ornaments look good with white and beige dress. Where to buy a short dress?

Perhaps today this issue is not very relevant. After the beginning of the season all the fashionable boutiques exhibit similar patterns, and problems with the acquisition of the vending outfit will not have anybody. However, it is not necessary to look for a dress in an expensive store. His pattern is very simple, so do not even very experienced tailor will not be difficult to create a true masterpiece. Use satin, tulle, chiffon. In this case, you will be sure that the second of this dress no one else.