What to do to your hair grow faster? Miraculous folk remedies

The process of hair growth

Before answering the question, what to do to grow faster hair, you need to understand exactly how it happens, and thus. This process is influenced by many things:. Genetic predisposition, type of hair and skin, health, lifestyle, etc. Therefore, if you ever get nervous, eat properly, get insufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals, even the most expensive cosmetic and pharmaceutical agents will not help you.

What to do to your hair grow faster? Miraculous folk remedies

It is known that hair grows from hair follicles, called follicles. The rate of this process, their health and appearance, affects the chemical balance within them. Each hair growth observed three periods. The first 2-5 years - it is the active stage, then a temporary rest (up to three months), after which it falls to make room new. Each person's hair growth process is different, first of all it affects age: hair in the elderly weaker. What to do? To grow hair faster, you need to abide by the rules, which are beneficial to that affect.

Factors affecting the growth of hair

What does your hair grow faster? Several readily available rules:

  1. It is necessary to use sufficient vitamins, iron, calcium, chromium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, potassium, silicon, Selene and sulfur. Daily diet should include dairy products, fruits and vegetables green and yellow beans, oats, brown rice, brewer's yeast.
  2. regular exercise. Movements increase blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism.
  3. Due to the head massage the hair roots to receive more nutrients and oxygen.
  4. regular walk in the fresh air, go to sleep until 23.00, avoid constant stress and depression.
What to do to your hair grow faster? Miraculous folk remedies

What to do to your hair grow faster? It is necessary to carry out another condition. It is necessary to minimize the use of a hair dryer. Better to hair dried naturally. It is also recommended to use folk remedies.

The use of traditional medicine

What to do to your hair grow faster? Miraculous folk remedies

On the common question: "What do you need to grow hair faster," - there is a simple answer. A good physician are the folk remedies. For example, using a mask, it is recommended to add essential oils in them. For such purposes suitable rosemary oil, beat and nutmeg. Also as a powerful stimulant of hair growth is the pepper tincture, which is diluted with olive oil or yogurt (ratio 1: 2). When properly his work will feel a slight burning sensation due to a rush of blood to the head. Hold means you need about an hour, then wash it with shampoo and warm water. You can still do that? The fastest growing hair, the mask can be used based on mustard (yolk - 1, yogurt - 0, 5, Art, mustard -. 1 tsp with slide..). This kind of burning masks are allowed to make a maximum of once a week. Are effective and mask with burdock oil and yeast. To do this, take burdock and castor oil (2 tablespoons. L.), Large yolk, honey (1 tbsp. L.), Fresh yeast that are bred in warm milk (1 hour. L.). Before the formation of a homogeneous mass the composition is heated in a water bath. Mask rubbed into the hair roots, is then applied over their entire length. The head is insulated with a plastic bag, on top of which zamatyvaetsya warm towel. Mild shampoo rinsed off with warm water, and after two hours.