Celebrities who have a poor relationship with their fathers

Find a common language with their parents - not an easy task, and sometimes difficult to understand, who is still to blame for the conflict in the family - fathers or children. We remember the history of celebrities who do not communicate with their fathers. And the cause of the quarrel see in the behavior of their parents.

Laysan Utiasheva

Gymnast and TV presenter, 33 years old

Celebrities who have a poor relationship with their fathers

very painful for the athlete's father topic. When Laysan was ten years old, Albert Utyashev left the family. According to the girl, the cause of family breakdown - in alcohol. Mom tried to return the Laysan and treat her husband, but to no avail.

Gymnast practically no contact with his father until his mother's death in 2012. "When we buried my mother, my father admitted that she was the one he loved. My heart sank as I had forgotten children's resentment, "- said Laysan.

The following year gave birth to a son, Robert Utyasheva from her husband, comedian Paul Will. After becoming a mother, let the father gymnast in your life. She hoped that he would be a good grandfather to her children, but that did not happen. When Utyasheva expecting her second child in 2015, Sophia daughter, her father gave an interview to the publication of the yellow, where he told that Laysan has a half-brother. According to the man, his eldest daughter is too busy with his life, so he did not tell her about her brother personally.

"There was not a second to whisper to me about his half-brother? Why do it through the yellow press? My patience is exhausted. I stopped all communication "- says the athlete in an interview.


The singer, 37 years old

Celebrities who have a poor relationship with their fathers

The relationship with Beyonce's father Matthew Knowles has always been strained. The dispute at the beginning of Beyonce's career, when his father was her manager. In 2011, the singer fired him from his post. Beyonce herself did not speak about the reasons, but Matthew admitted that her daughter suspected him of stealing royalties. However, the financial claims were merely a pretext for breaking the contract. The real reason for the conflict was a betrayal Matthew Knowles his wife Tina with actress Alexandra Wright. In 2009, after learning of her husband's infidelity, Beyonce's mother filed for divorce. Two years later, the divorce process has been completed, and the family finally end the relationship with a man. Two years later, Matthew Knowles married again, but neither Beyonce nor her sister Solange have not arrived at his father's wedding. Beyonce also said to her father that she was pregnant for the second time - he found out about it through Instagram.

Demi Lovato

The singer, 26 years old

Celebrities who have a poor relationship with their fathers

Demi Lovato did not communicate with his father from 2007 until his death in 2013. The cause was alcoholism men. As the singer says the origins of the problem are mental illness Patrick Lovato, because of what he was drinking.

Yet actress confessed that she genuinely loves his father. "I do not believe that a year has passed already ... I wish I could hold you one last time. Rest in peace, Dad. I love you ", - wrote Lovato on the anniversary of his death. After his father's death, Demi has dedicated his line in the song Father (2015), and even the name of Patrick Lovato founded the fund, which helps people with mental disabilities.


The singer, 30 years old

Celebrities who have a poor relationship with their fathers

"If I see him again, then spit in his face," - said the singer in an interview with Vogue in 2011, vowing never to speak to his father.

At Adele and her father Mark Evans has always been tensions, but the final point in the communication was delivered, when Mr Evans for a large sum told reporters The Sun about his relationship with his mother Adele. Penny Adkins became pregnant at age 17, and his father Adel escaped after three years of family life. Mark admitted that he could not listen to the song daughter, because he was ashamed in front of her. Because of the guilt he started drinking.

After these revelations singer severed all ties with his father and never showed his grandson - a boy Angelo, who was born in October 2012. In this case, Adele tried to establish a relationship with a man, but instead of talking on the souls who chose to interview for the money.

Angelina Jolie

The actress, 43 years old

Celebrities who have a poor relationship with their fathers

Parents Jolie - actors Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight - divorced when their daughter was a year old. On Voight's career is reflected positively: a year later he received the "Oscar" for "The Homecoming". Marcheline same forced one to take care of Angelina and her older brother James, left acting ambitions. Angelina hated his father and refused Voight name in favor of his middle name Jolie. As an adult, Jolie tried to get closer to his father. In 2001, the actress invited in the role of her on-screen father in the movie "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider." The shooting took place in Cambodia, where Jolie decided to adopt their first child. Voight spoke out strongly about this. According to him, Angelina is not healthy mentally, just go for it. After this statement, Jolie finally broke up with her father.

In 2007, the mother of the actress Marcheline Bertrand died of cancer, and Jon Voight tried again to mend relations with his daughter, but only two years later the actress went to meet him. Jolie is now in contact with Voight, who took all her foster children.


The rapper, 35 years old

Celebrities who have a poor relationship with their fathers

Decl (Cyril Tolmatsky) for 15 years does not communicate with his father. When a producer Alexander Tolmatsky made of the son of a star, but at one point the young rapper refused his help. The reason for this was the departure Tolmatskogo elder of the family to the young dancer - coeval Decl. Cyril did not forgive the betrayal of his father, who once taught his son to remain faithful to the family and the chosen woman.

Decl prohibits Tolmatskogo Sr. seeing his grandson, 13-year-old Anthony, and do not want to talk to father children from his second marriage.

Halle Berry

The actress, 52 years old

Celebrities who have a poor relationship with their fathers

The actress does not support any relationship with his father Jerome Berry, with none of his family members. Holly blames the man that he was not involved in her upbringing, which was reflected in her relationships with men. The first husband of Halle Berry, baseball player David Justice and musician Eric Ben, beat actress. After a second divorce in 2005. Berry attempted suicide, closing the car in an institution.

Third husband, actor Olivier Martinez, kept his hand on Holly, but could not control the aggression to the public, which also led to a parting.

Anfisa Chekhov

TV presenter, 40 years old

Celebrities who have a poor relationship with their fathers

Alexander Korchunov abandoned the family when his daughter was 4 years old. As an adult, Anfisa Chekhov (the birth of Alexander Korchunova) changed the name in the passport to nothing reminded her of his father.

After becoming a mother, Chekhov decided to establish a relationship with a man. Anfisa invited him to meet and talk with her grandson (the 2012 TV presenter gave birth to the son of Solomon). He agreed, but after learning that her daughter is not going to help him financially, Korchunov started earning its name by taking part in the TV show.

"It was very painful, but I decided to forgive him. And he said he did not need my forgiveness and has no desire to communicate with me ", - said Chekhov. Moreover, the man began to lay claim to the apartment where my mother lives presenter Natalia Alekseevna, but Chekhov won a court.

In 2017, the show Dmitry Shepelev "In fact," Alexander Korchunov openly said he did not love his daughter. Lie detector confirmed that the man was telling the truth.

Egor Beroev

The actor, 41 years old

Celebrities who have a poor relationship with their fathers

Beroev more than 30 years of no contact with his father, actor Vadim Mikheenko. After the divorce, the mother of Yegor, actress Elena Beroeva, forbade her ex-husband to see his son. Mikheenko blamed the his wife's mother, actress Elvira Brunovsky, which has set up family against him. Yegor himself as sure of his own volition father left the family, and therefore is not going to establish relations with him.

Now Vadim Mikheenko lives alone in the village of the Pskov region. Man lives poorly. The only person who occasionally visits him - last wife Olga.

Mikheenko long time trying to get in touch with his son through the social network, but has not received a response. He so much wanted to meet with his son, he sees Yegor in dreams. "Our Yegor was born in love! And all my life I've been after him at a distance. I do not like to talk, not to take for a madman, but when he began to hurt badly, found his control dreams. Falling asleep, I imagine their hands first, then the space around me expands - and I like the astral flying to Yegor, "- the man said in an interview in 2014. Mikheenko survived three heart attacks and strokes, but, according to him, his son is not interested in his condition.

It tells Mikheenko once Yegor still wrote him a message: "Daddy, hello." But a personal meeting never came.