Exercises for growth - Myth or Reality?

Large and small

We are all different: lean and full, low and high. these parameters are partially transmitted to us along with the genes, forming part of their lifestyle. If its size in width, we can "adjust" your own, on reaching the age of 20-odd years of growing up, our body stops.

Exercises for growth - Myth or Reality?

Some like his height, someone dreams of an additional 10 centimeters, but these dreams tend to remain dreams.

We break down stereotypes

All it is, however, argue that after a quarter century of life is impossible to become higher - not quite true. Exercises for growth - is not a myth but a very real reality. Today, there are a number of techniques, and they are all somehow designed to increase the height of a man. Of course, we should not entertain any illusions as to what exercises to growth are able to make a giant of a midget, but a certain effect they are all the same are.

Water wears away the stone

Before you start to work and to understand in general, what exercises are more effective for the growth, you need to understand for themselves that this is a complex process, and it will last for weeks or even a month. To see the real result (which, by the way, may not be), and often have a lot of work, fulfilling all requirements of the program. This complex certainly includes exercises that stimulate bone growth, and exercises, coaching and supporting muscles of the body in good shape.

Exercises for growth - Myth or Reality?

In the case

The best option - it is when the human growth exercises combine aerobics, exercises on the horizontal bar. Walking allows the muscles of the whole body to stay in good shape and well stretched when it is needed. What makes the horizontal bar? Average hovering on the bar stretches skeleton, bone endings appear microcracks on the restoration of which the body and begins to work actively. As a result, their structure is changing, growing new bone, thereby slowly increasing growth of a millimeter. It is important to remember that in order to achieve real effect need all the same additional components as in normal exercise, namely a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, fresh air, activity and so on..

Exercises for growth - Myth or Reality?

Exercises for growth

What exactly can recommend? Firstly, be engaged in competitive sports, such as volleyball, basketball, and others. Be sure to swim in the pool and jump rope.

As extensions give preference in a circular motion in the joints of the limbs and neck. Also a nice twist the torso and pelvis rotation. The main focus, of course, need to do to exercise on a horizontal bar: - swing left / right and forward / backward;

- a circular motion clockwise and counter-clockwise;

- tightening;

- hovering on the bar on the hands, and then his feet.

Each exercise should be done for 8-12 minutes later time is, as the intensity can be increased. Try to give training at least 5-6 days a week, otherwise they will not be as effective.

The power and little effort

You should be aware that it is not necessary to wait for instant results and give up, if after 2-3 weeks of hard training growth has remained at the previous level. Seek, and most importantly - believe, and all will certainly succeed.