Obama rules of life

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Obama rules of life

I - for the presidency? What nonsense. You better talk to my wife. She repeatedly told me that I was even dirty socks can not cope.

Problems are never simple.

I blew ever? Yes, I blew. Heroin - never, but the grass, booze, sometimes coke - it was. Not to say that I'm proud of. This, of course, mistakes of youth, you know? But I'm not blowing in order to show what I clear the boy. For me, the arrival was a way to get rid of the question of who I am. It was like passing a bulldozer through the landscape of my heart, blurring the boundaries of memory.

Anger is not always productive blacks. Very often it distracts attention from solving real problems. But this anger - real. This anger - very powerful. If you just pretend that she was gone, if she bear a verdict, not understanding its roots, it will only widen the chasm of misunderstanding that exists between the races.

I was not only called the people: and Alabama, and your mother.

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time in the white surroundings and work out its tactics, a kind of trick. Whites were absolutely satisfied while you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden movements. They tested more than satisfaction - they felt relief: a pleasant surprise - the face of a young black man, who has good manners and that does not seem permanently embittered.

In Africa clearly it shows that the difference between the village, where people eat, and country where people are starving, is determined by the state. In one State working in another - no. That's why I was very worried about the people who say that the state - is the enemy. They do not understand its fundamental role. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears flowed until we have achieved what we have today. But we have just started.

One of our greatest losses during these eight years - no drop in revenues or budget deficit is the loss of a sense of common purpose, a higher purpose. That's it, and we must restore.

When you surrender your life to exclusively to cut down a lot of money, it shows a certain poverty of ambition.

I am not against war itself. I am against the stupid war. I am against reckless war. I'm against the war, which is based on passion rather than reason, on politics rather than principles. I am against the cynical attempts armchair warriors of the current administration to hammer our heads with their ideology, in spite of all the tortures and human lives that come to pay for it. I am against the attempts of politicians and government officials to divert us from the poverty line growth from falling incomes, from corporate scandals and the most terrible financial crisis since the Great Depression.

We're not going to baby-sit a civil war.

Weapons of mass destruction, of course, remains a huge threat. Many authoritarian states and terrorist organizations are trying to get his way or another, and the world is still far from safe in this area. I was struck by a story that happened to me in the Ukraine, where I came from Senator Dick Lugar (co-founder of Cooperative Threat Reduction program, formed in 1991 and is aimed at the destruction of biological, nuclear and chemical weapons and their delivery systems in Russia and the former Soviet Union. - Esquire). We inspected the laboratory to develop biological weapons in Kiev - a nondescript building in the heart of the multi-million dollar city. Inside we went through rickety fence, locks - would you even at such a suitcase is not hanged. And now, we go to the lab, and our guide takes us to a small refrigerator such. It opens, and inside - tube series, one after the other. She takes them - jingle tubes - puts on the table, and then begins to explain: here - anthrax, and here - a plague. That's me to the fact that the security of chemical and biological weapons, we still have much to do. Even the most ardent Russian border guards can not resist a biological threat.

Three months in politics - a whole life.

A good compromise, a good bill - this is a good phrase or good music. Anyone recognize him at once and say, "Hmm. And it's working, it makes sense "in this.

Attempts to pass a law against people with whom dumped pants - a waste of time. We need to engage in the creation of jobs, education and health improvement, the war in Iraq, so that any official who is concerned about the falling down trousers, should think about the real problems. That said, I want to say, brothers, well, you pull the pants. You walk down the street with his mother, his grandmother, and you cowards stick. Well, what is it? Why are you all? There are some problems that can not be resolved through legislation, but it does not mean that you guys do not understand what to do, and to respect other people. You know, there are people who do not want to see your underwear - and I'm one of them.

My faith admits some doubt.

Every day of my life is filled with reminders that I am not perfect. If so I do not recall any events, be sure to remind my wife.

I am convinced that, exaggerating, demonizing, simplifying our problems, we lose. Predictability of the political debate prevents us to find new ways to overcome obstacles. Predictability imposes on us the black-and-white thinking, we think that there should be a bloated government - and no, it is necessary to accept the existence of 46 million people without insurance - or tolerate "socialized medicine." I stopped to mention the fact that my mother is white, age twelve or thirteen, when he realized that because I kowtowed to white.

For most politicians, the money - it is not the power and status. Money - is the ability to scare away the competition and overcome their own fear. Money does not guarantee victory, but without them you are almost guaranteed to lose. When I decided to run for cenat, I found that I spend my time among the wealthy. As a rule, they were clever, interesting and would like to hear your own views in exchange for checks. As one, they expressed the aspirations of their class. I became more and more like the sponsors, with whom he met. I'm increasingly left the world and the difficulties of ordinary people, for whom I was engaged in public politics.

Iran, Cuba, Venezuela - all of this tiny country, compared with the Soviet Union. They do not represent a threat to us, which was represented by the Soviet Union. And yet we were willing to negotiate with the Soviet Union, even when we were told: "Yes, we have to erase the face of the earth."

We need to grasp the idea of ​​perfection. Not too many guys committed to excellence.

In Russia, we see the development of dangerous trends - the limitation of democracy and the rule of law, the violence that took place in Chechnya, interference in the affairs of former Soviet republics - and all this makes us think about our relationship.

My biggest worry is not the enormity of our problems, and the pettiness of our politicians.

The fact that my 15 minutes of fame a little stretched in time, and a little surprised me completely baffled my wife. I too publichen, compared to me Paris Hilton - just a nun-recluse.

Why can not I just quietly eat my waffle?