Popular products, the resulting accident

• Popular products, get a random

How to obtain tasty dishes? Thanks to the skillful cooks? The best product? Stored in the unique secret recipes? Yes, it is, but you will be surprised to learn that many popular foods and dishes turned out by chance.

Popular products, the resulting accident Popular products, the resulting accident

1. Wafer cup.

Ice cream was popular even before the appearance of waffle cones. One day at the fair in St. Louis in 1904 was a seller of ice cream sales peak, and he just did not have enough bowls for ice cream. To help the seller wafers came to him, who offered to spread the ice cream on waffles. And already in 1910 it began to appear first ice-cream cone.

Popular products, the resulting accident

2. Chips.

Despite the fact that in the year consumed more than 500 million kilograms of potato chips, a snack this might not be. In 1853, he was upset after the client has criticized his chips in a restaurant chef, George Crum, calling it too thick and soggy. Cook sliced ​​in anger the next batch of potatoes as thin as he could, sprinkle it with salt and fried in plenty of oil. Surprisingly, the restaurant customer was delighted with these crispy slices. After the chef opened his own restaurant where they served potato chips.

Popular products, the resulting accident

3. Coffee.

Popular legend has it that the first consumer of coffee was a kid. One Ethiopian shepherd noticed the strange behavior of his goats. Goats were cheerful and energetic and the shepherd decided to follow them. It turned out that the goats ate the leaves and beans of the tree, which is the coffee. Curious shepherd tried coffee berries and brought grain to the monks so that they were cheerful at prayer. So coffee got its spread.

Popular products, the resulting accident

4. Sandwich.

In 1762, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, was playing some kind of gambling with his friends and did not want to interrupt the game even snack. He instructed his cooks prepare food, which he could easily eat, without being distracted from the game. Cook put the beef between two slices of bread. So there was a burger or sandwich.

Popular products, the resulting accident

5. Fruit ice.

11-year-old Frank Epperson loved sodas. In a cold night in 1905 he left his soda on the porch. In the morning, Frank discovered that the drink cold. Frank tried frozen soda and found it an amazing taste. 20 years old boy made frozen treats, and then founded his own company.

Popular products, the resulting accident

6. Tofu.

Soft taste of tofu we owe one clumsy cook, who lived in ancient China. Legend has it that the cook accidentally dropped magnesium chloride pot of soy milk. The chemical reaction turned tofu.

Popular products, the resulting accident

7. Yogurt.

In Central Asia more than 8,000 years ago, shepherds used the stomachs of animals, to store milk. Natural enzymes retain temperature and fermented milk giving it a sour taste, which liked the shepherds.

Popular products, the resulting accident

8. Beer.

Over 3000 years ago there was beer in Mesopotamia. Grain necessary for the production of bread was moist and was wandering producing liquid. Naturally no bread Mesopotamians not baked, but a strange drink became popular and today is the most popular alcohol in the world.