"In the Soviet Union there was no sex!": How was born the famous phrase

• "sex in the USSR was not!": As the famous phrase

was born

This phrase first comes to mind when it comes to sex in the Soviet Union. The expression has become so conventional wisdom and jammed that many have long forgotten how it was born and what is actually meant. 30 years ago, July 17, 1986, broadcast teleconference left Leningrad-Boston, one of the participants who uttered the unforgettable gem. This woman later became a celebrity and even earn money.

In 1980-ies. Vladimir Pozner spent several Soviet-American space bridges. June 28, 1986 was held a teleconference Leningrad-Boston entitled "Women talk to women," were leading Vladimir Pozner and Phil Donahue. Live, he was released on July 17th. I am speaking of advertising on television, and one of the Americans complained that the commercials "everything revolves around sex." Soviet participants were asked how they had the situation with television advertising. It Lyudmila Ivanova said: "we do not have sex, and we are categorically against it." The audience burst into laughter and applause, and ending phrases no one could hear (she reportedly added: "We have love"). Another participant called out: "Sex we have, we do not have advertising!". Later Lyudmila Ivanova asked to cut his speech during installation, but they left, and soon taken out of context the phrase became winged.

Lyudmila Ivanova teleconference broadcast in 1986

Later there were several versions as to what was the continuation of the phrase. She Ivanova, 20 years later in an interview with the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" outlined a different version of the origin of the phrase: "In general, there is a teleconference, and one American says yes you because of the war in Afghanistan in general need to stop having sex with your man - then they do not go to war. And all the time the finger pokes. I told her, and said: There is no sex in the USSR, and there is love. And you, too, during the war did not stop to sleep in Vietnam with their men. "

In the 1980s, B. Posner spent several Soviet-American space bridges

In another interview she claimed that actually said "We do not have sex on television ...", but the ending of the sentence no one heard. Of course, the situation has been anecdotal, and later "celebrations culprit" desperately wanted to put more meaning in what has been said. In addition, it has even begun to perceive the relationship between successful journalism career Posner and his performance: "I put a hand to his career. Who remembers the other teleconference between America and the Soviet Union? And our, female, remember. Posner asked me to shoot, and I did everything to the airwaves went down in history. As a result, in 1986 Vladimir won the USSR Union of Journalists, and has become one of the most famous and popular presenters of the country. "

Vladimir Pozner

Lyudmila Ivanova admitted that hit the teleconference by accident. She worked at the time of reception of the hotel "Leningrad", which dwelt Vladimir Pozner and Phil Donahue. Learning that the woman is in the public organization "The Committee of Soviet Women," Posner invited her to a shooting. In 1980-ies. They said that the teleconference participants gathered on the street, but Ivanov has denied this version: "What do you mean! The studio has gathered a hundred women: scientists, artists and athletes. Next to me sat a figure skating coach Tamara Moskvina. " And of course, the communication was not spontaneous: "An hour before the recording with us talked Posner cautioned that can ask provocative questions. I was seated in the first row. American suddenly appear: in torn jeans, in the stretched sweaters, old sneakers. We are shocked! Do not think that they look so bad, "- says Ivanov.

After the dissolution of the Union Ivanov opened a cafe-club "Ma'am" and actively exploited the image of "the very woman who spoke to Americans about sex." Many came to the restaurant specifically to look at it. So she was able to earn on their own blunders and to travel the world - she has visited 35 countries. Recently, she was 75 years old, she is now living in Germany.

Lyudmila Ivanova

And as long as the Soviet Union did not have sex, Lyudmila Ivanova managed to 5 times to get married and admitted that "breaks between husbands" she too had stories. American vain worried about Soviet women!