Tan in the solarium. process Features

What is different tanning under artificial sun from the natural? Which one is less harmful? And how to use a solarium, not to cause harm to your skin? These and hundreds of questions arise for those who go to this restaurant for the first time. Let us look at the most basic of them.

As tan formed in the solarium

The source of artificial sunlight is a quartz lamp. In its flask is mercury, forcing an electric glow discharge in a special coating installation. It is under these ultraviolet rays at the top of the skin surface is produced melanin - pigment which imparts to it a dark brown color.

Tan in the solarium. process Features

The different natural tan from tanning?

Solar ultraviolet rays of type B are preferably only on the upper layer of the skin, whereas the indoor tanning rays generated long type A acting on the skin more deeply. They severely dehydrated and dried skin, and in some cases may even cause a variety of unwanted growths.

Harm and benefits tanning in a solarium

With a lack of sunlight a person more susceptible to depression. Therefore, tan in the solarium is necessary, first of all, in order to fight the winter dissatisfaction with life. In addition, it strengthens the bones and muscles, reduces acne and reduce skin pores. Except that artificial sunlight prematurely ages a person's skin. How to sunbathe under the artificial sun?

If you strictly follow a few simple rules, you a nice tan in the solarium can be obtained without undesirable consequences:

Tan in the solarium. process Features

• Vitamin D is formed, if the skin has a fat film. Therefore sunbathe after a shower, when such a film is not impossible. Before a session it is necessary to use a moisturizing cream or gel specifically designed for tanning and after the procedure the whole body it is necessary to apply any ordinary moisturizer.

• To have to be closed the session eye. To not get retina burn, prevent the development of cataracts and prevent damage to the cornea, it is recommended to use special glasses.

• Sunbathing in solarium should be no more than 1 time per day. Some doctors recommend to do between sessions of 1-2-day break.

• If in the solarium to sunbathe naked, it is necessary to take care of those areas that are most susceptible to sunburn. This means that it is necessary to apply as much sunscreen on the buttocks, back of the knee and other areas, which are almost not exposed to ultraviolet light.

• When visiting the solarium always have to keep in mind the time constraints. At first light skin tanning sessions should be very short, just 5 minutes. • The skin of the lips do not produce melanin, so if they do not protect the balm, they can burn or crack.

• Do not spend in the tanning bed longer than recommended. A darker tan in one session will still be able to get at, and burns on the body - easily.

• It is recommended to use special lotions, which is composed of tyrosine. This substance helps the body more actively produce melanin, which means that the residence time in the tanning bed can be reduced. In addition, it contains retarding skin aging in many special lotions vitamin E.

Contraindications and danger

Indoor tanning should be in moderation, because the production of melanin - a protective reaction of the organism to radiation. The appearance of dark color body will consume some resources immunity, and even if a person has a common cold, the hike in the solarium should be postponed.

Tan in the solarium. process Features

It is necessary to remember that the right indoor tanning - is not only a beautiful color, but also its effective protection from UV rays.