How to do a manicure right

Beautiful and well-groomed female pen attracted the attention of men. In addition, this part of the body is always in sight: we feed the money in the store, transfer documents and so on. Make attractive and gentle hands help manicure. It also includes nail treatment. Let's look at how to do a manicure. It should know and be able to every girl, because the hands can be regarded as the second person. It is best to look like nails without nail polish or with some warm colors. In everyday life use the classic manicure. See, to paint does not peel off. Do not bite your nails!

How to do a manicure right

What tools are needed

Progress does not stand still, and in the shops you can buy special kits for manicure. They should include tweezers, nail files, scissors, spatula for cuticle and nail file for polishing. Tools treat each time before use. In just a few treatments you will have the skills and you will understand how to do a manicure. To make the skin smooth hands, use cream or a special bath.

Useful advice

Let's see how to do a manicure at home. It is that time on the interior is not enough, or the lack of money prevails. So, we need to be able to care for your hands itself. Now we call all the basic "operation". Before you do a manicure, prepare hands: they must be clean and under the nails should not be mud. Remove old nail with a liquid to remove it. Do not buy cheap tools, they can do much harm, after use, you can watch the lamination, fragility and other unpleasant phenomena. The process itself

How to do a manicure right

You can now start the procedure:

  • The first thing to do - correct the form. This will help the scissors. Unnecessarily long fingernails do not add beauty.
  • Soften the cuticle, move and delete.
  • Make bath for nails. Add the water, soap and soda (1 hr. L.). You can use herbal teas. Hold the nails in water for 5 minutes.
  • You can massage your hands with the help of a cream. Pay special attention to the palms and fingers. The useful effect will be for the whole organism.
  • If there is a surplus of cream, it should be removed with a cloth. Each nail individually.
  • Configure nail using nail file (it is better not to use metal). You can make an oval, rectangular and almond. Do not overdo it. Do not wipe off the nail.
  • For smoothness and gloss polish they need to be sanded. For this purpose there is a special nail file. The procedure is done once a month, and after that make restorative bath, as the nail plate becomes thinner.
  • Apply varnish. As we have already noted, it is not necessary to use bright colors, especially at work. Get the nail with delicate light tones. It is better to use transparent. Before applying the lacquer apply tonic. After all, it is a further negative effect on the nail.
How to do a manicure right

A small conclusion

Now that you know all the secrets of how to do a manicure. At first it may seem difficult, but with time you learn and it will not be a problem and others will admire your well-groomed hands.