Court shoes and a long history

Modern trends in

Today, court shoes - this shoe for all occasions. This shoe is considered a classic in the world of fashion. Every girl dreams about is to look great and be appreciated valued associates. Floating like the waves, boats, shoes are extremely popular ever since their invention, because it is difficult to imagine a shoe that just great to sit at the feet of women, emphasizing their individuality and beauty and hide many of the shortcomings.

Court shoes and a long history

of fashion hit

Now, a little dive into the depths of history. In the fifties of the 20th century, boat shoes aroused great interest among the admirers of the fashion of the time. Women of all social backgrounds, of different ages, from the youngest persons and ending with the elderly ladies, interested only in the boat. Shoes attracted the attention of its elegance: this thin sock, this thin pin to haunt the minds of every woman at the time. Studs provide additional grace leg and visually increases the ankle length, giving it a slender and sexy.

Court shoes and a long history

The peak of glory

The sixties gave the shoes a shade. They have become much lower heel became thicker, and the sock has a more rounded shape, becoming softer. Great Coco Chanel in those years offered a kind of know-how in the field of color shoes: socks began to make darker the main part. In the eighties, court shoes again came into vogue again flying on the peak of the fashion Olympus. There were brightly colored shoes for parties and discos in fashion and remained office option of black color made of suede or leather. But most of all shoes worn by noble colors, without any excesses. Shoes, passed through a century

Recently, court shoes became more democratic and can buy them almost every woman loves shoes. And if the dawn of fashion, these shoes could afford only the wife of George Kennedy, today they have in the wardrobe of almost every girl. The shoes girl's legs look more attractive, and the photographs are sometimes even better.

Court shoes and a long history

The style and quality of

Standard shoes this model - great spring shoes, suitable for a large number of orders. At this time, they are perfectly suited for narrower jeans or, for example, a pencil skirt. In the summer these shoes can be worn with leggings or strict dress with leggings. In other words, court shoes are a universal shoe, an alternative which has not yet been found.


Court shoes are made of different materials, such as suede, various fabrics, leather substitutes. Today especially popular shoes made of leather and its substitutes. Separate story worthy of cloth shoes. Many fashion designers recognize that the shoes made of fabric are short-lived and quickly torn, and if they do quite reliable, their price will be so high that no one will buy, and for such a shoe care will be quite problematic. Epilogue

Finally, we note that during the purchase of shoes is necessary to look at the country of origin of shoes. In the world of Italian shoes valued company, but they are not intended for everyday use, but the German manufacturers of shoes for daily wear.