Women's spring jacket: photo fashion models, stylist advice on drawing up the right way

Do you want to update your wardrobe and do not know where to start? Change your spring jacket. Female models outdoor clothing are subject to the influence of fashion as much as other wardrobe items. How can you distinguish a fashionable girl from the simpleton? According to her street clothes. The lady who keeps up with the times, does not neglect the opinion of fashion houses.


Women's spring jacket: photo fashion models, stylist advice on drawing up the right way

Spring women's jackets this season astonishingly varied. You can choose a model depending on your style and on a case by which you put on garments. Trends jacket must be sewn from a dense material muted tones. The diversity of the podium is gone, replaced by the elegant chic. The trend noble colors such as burgundy, sapphire and emerald. But it does not lose its relevance black.

What style of jacket is at the peak of their popularity? Loose clothes in oversayz style still holds the leading position. Elongated spring women's jackets can be seen in a variety of variations. Most often, they are fixed to the lock or rivets. Many designers offer a fashionable women tying outerwear only on the belt and does not connect to each other shelves.

You want to stand out from the crowd? Then look at the brave decisions jackets decorated with applique. Spring female youth jackets may look bright due to the combination of different materials. For example, we can look to the models that are used as stripes of parts fur, suede or suede. Interesting applications can be made of beads or of large beads. This season on the catwalks frequently flashed a large decoration in the form of all kinds of metal rivets and buckles. Relative accessories can be said that the color details in gold is losing its relevance, and in its place comes a bronze hue. If you find it hard to pick up other accessories under the jacket, you can buy new clothes with silver details.

Types jackets

Women's spring jacket: photo fashion models, stylist advice on drawing up the right way

There have been some changes with respect to the models of spring women's jackets? Yes. The most popular variety of outerwear for today:

  • Bomber. Jacket cut free, which is fixed tightly on the belt and cuffs via gum, fashionable woman brought to mind. These models are popular for the third year, although before that they were in demand, however, in men, not in women. This season, the youth spring women's jackets should attract attention. But this fashionista effect is achieved not by the brightness of outer clothing, but due to an unusual combination. Bomber can be complement not only to the classic jeans, but also to dress in linen style.
  • hollow jacket. Photo of fashionable women's spring jackets of this type, you can see above. What is the advantage of this type of outdoor clothing? Inflated jacket able to hide all figure flaws. But not for that ladies loved garments of this type. Such models are similar to blankets. In the jacket comfortable to walk down the street, as they are not the wind blows, and in case of rain, you can quickly put on the hood. Designers make such garments are not attractive due to the style, but by daring experiments. For example, some models can combine the combination of several materials and decorative elements.
  • Kozhanka. Classic is always current. Therefore, if you are by nature conservative, buy something black and leather. These jackets are relevant today in its interpretation of the standard black leather jackets, and in an elongated form. But do not be too trivial. Purchase a model, which is decorated with colorful embroidery or applique interesting beads.
  • jacket with decorations made of sheepskin. Such variants outerwear just beginning to storm the fashion Olympus. If you are an innovator, then immediately purchase a similar jacket. Believe me, after a few years this trend will become a must-hevom, and it will walk every second. If you do not like to play the role of the cloned beauty, then try on the trend before it starts by vomiting.

The choice of a figure model

Women's spring jacket: photo fashion models, stylist advice on drawing up the right way

Spring women's jackets need to buy not only with an eye on fashion trends, but also with the understanding that comes to you personally. Here's how to choose the perfect cloak:

  • Length. If you want to add to his stature, then do not buy the jacket of medium length. It does not make you beautiful. Models that cover the hips a little, but do not reach the knees, will look good on tall ladies. Those who wish me add a few centimeters in height, it is necessary to choose between the shorter and longer styles.
  • Width. Want to try the spring women's short jacket style oversayz? Look at his size. Thin girl this trend is very nice. In conjunction with the general image of the jacket will look pathetic. Girls large better pay attention to something form-fitting. The false belief that shapeless thing Slim, known to many. Hide the extra weight due to baggy clothes will not work.
  • Décor. Women's spring jackets and coats are full of all sorts of bright elements. Remember that you do not forty. Before you buy a new thing, think about what you will wear it. If your existing accessories are too bright, then give preference to low-key outerwear. If your shoes and bag of dark color, then you can safely try on clothes with bright inserts or with applications. When buying jackets remember about where you wear it, and whether it would be appropriate at this point to look.

The choice of colors

Women's spring jacket: photo fashion models, stylist advice on drawing up the right way

Love the bright colors? Moderate your ardor. This season, designers do not bet on the brightness, and texture. Therefore, the maximum that you can afford - it is burgundy or emerald coat. The most trendy color this year is purple. So you can look after yourself short jacket female spring of this hue. What color jacket can be bought this year that it was relevant even in the next season? Look to the bright shades. At the peak of popularity are white, milk, mustard, blue and olive. Such complex shades change from season to season. Fashionable women fell in love with muted colors for the fact that things can be successfully combined with each other and create bold colors.

And what if these discreet shades are not for you? Look to black women's spring jacket. This option is relevant is not the first decade. This season, a dark jacket should be decorated with vivid detail. It can be applications or embroidery. If you have a beautiful leather jacket, and you want to update it, you can attach a colored icons.

If you are a fan of prints, then pay attention to plant topic. Trend it gradually moved into the fashion world of interior design. Smaller leaves of exotic trees or interesting flowers can adorn your outer clothing, thereby contributing to the image of a certain zest.


Women's spring jacket: photo fashion models, stylist advice on drawing up the right way

Of what should be sewn fashionable jacket? Designers increasingly prefer synthetics rather than natural materials. Someone may say that it is bad. But if we look at the world position of many fashion houses, which act to protect the environment, it becomes clear that it will soon disappear completely from the catwalks clothing made from fur or animal skins. But, despite this, today there are still popular leather and suede jackets. Also popular clothing model with the addition of wool. Synthetics designers give their preference as supplementary material.

Denim, satin and velor - these are the materials from which sew light spring jacket, which for its intended purpose may replace departing into the past trench. This kind of thing can throw even on a cool summer evening. The central part of the light can be crosslinked jacket made of thick woolen cloth and the sleeves and the back are made of a light synthetic or chiffon.

How to combine the image with a jacket?

Women's spring jacket: photo fashion models, stylist advice on drawing up the right way

To look stylish enough to have in the wardrobe of trendy things. We should also be able to combine them successfully. With what may be combined garments? Today the fashion eclecticism. You can dream and mix up the top and bottom layers as you like. No one will blame you if you wear a warm jacket with artificial fur on a thin summer dress. Two things of different textures complement each other well, and you will feel comfortable in cool weather.

Black women's spring jacket will look dull if you supplement it with jeans. It is better to give preference to an interesting skirt. It is desirable to choose a bright bottom, which counterbalances the top heavy and dull. For example, you may prefer a green pleated skirt or a long burst. The main thing that in such a way you feel comfortable.

Spring women's leather jacket can be an excellent addition to the pants. Today in fashion loose trousers and narrowed trousers. Jeans are less in demand among the fashionistas, so if you want to keep up with the times, give up denim and return to the classic cotton.

Sports style

Women's spring jacket: photo fashion models, stylist advice on drawing up the right way

Spring long women's jackets can be a complement to the sporty image. Sporty chic does not imply that you will be wearing sweatpants on a daily basis. But here's trousers with stripes can make your image less classic. Choose things that will combine elements of classic and sports. These can be sneaker made of leather or suede, but not sports, and decorated with stylish applications. Under such an outfit would look good spring women's jacket large size. Oversayz very appropriate look with a sporty chic. Down jackets like a girl can wear a voluminous sweater that will be good warm in cool weather. Relatively simple colors. Or do you prefer the restrained colors, or, on the contrary, make a bet on the brightness. The sporty style are slightly different rules than in a conventional fashion podium. For this reason, restrained colors here will look bad. Bright pants, sneakers and flashy jacket volume - that's the image of a stylish young girl. You can mix up things in one style. For example, instead of bright truncated trouser jeans wear-boyfriend and instead dimensional object outerwear - female spring sports jacket. Desired model jacket for the modern woman is the bomber. If sporty - it is yours, to buy a bomber with a printed inscription, and if the sporty chic - a momentary whim, then give preference bomber with embroidery.


The girls who work in the office, we have to abide by a strict dress code. For this reason, they can not express their individuality in the workplace. But no one bothers the lady out of the office to look stylish, but at the same time kept. To create a trend image in the classical style, you'll need a long spring women's jacket, decorated with stripes, cropped pants and Lofer. Such an interpretation of the classic looks stylish and at the same time not too pretentious. In this dress you will be able to work all day and night to sit with friends in a nearby cafe.

If you want to make something less formal, then look at the spring women's leather jacket. It should be quite bright, for example, have a print banana leaf or flowering poppies. To supplement this outfit can midi skirt length. bottom material should be contrasting top. For example, you can choose something chiffon or satin. Style skirt should be kept simple. Do not overload the image details. At the foot wear classic leather boots or shoes with a low heel. But what to choose as an accessory? Not to cover the beauty of extravagant jackets, pay their attention on the postman's bag, rather than a backpack.


If you dress the main thing - comfort, then pay attention to women's spring jacket Park. Such garments can be successfully combined with both pants and with jeans. The main task of a girl who wants to collect an image in casual style - is to find a delicate balance between comfort and convenience. In the case of the park, you can supplement it with shortened narrow trousers fashion muted purple. The jacket should be light. Add an image will help brown backpack and shoes without heels. If you want to give the image a raid femininity, tie a scarf on his neck. Women's spring jacket large size can also fit well in the style of casual. Full of girls will feel comfortable in a long skirt flared midi style, and boots on a small heel. To make the image less romantic, add a small bag over his shoulder and roll up your sleeves in jackets.

Sport spring women's jackets make any image more comfortable. You can throw a cloak over his shoulders, and even tie it on his belt. Fashionistas on warm days take a jacket not to wrap myself in it when the wind gain and to supplement if necessary its image by hanging or bomber jacket over one shoulder.

Romantic style

Girls who like bows and flowers, do not be disappointed in this season. Women's spring jackets parks designers transformed in flower meadows. If last season the parks were monochrome, and often can be seen a dark blue or khaki, but this year with a print parks are common. The pattern may vary. You can find a jacket with palm leaves and flowers, sometimes even three-dimensional, with bows and other decorative elements. Such garments will simply combine with air and lace dresses and long skirts and sports shoes. Shoes gradually hand over its leadership, giving way to a cozy Lofer and ballet flats.

Create a romantic image can be and with the help of fashionable women's spring jackets sport style. As already stated above, it is at the crossroads of various combinations of incongruous things are born unique charm of modern fashionista. Between themselves be combined light dresses and jackets rough, for example, leather jackets or bomber. Sports sweatshirts can be a complement to the garment fitting dress. Bulk jacket will make the image of a fragile and delicate. The girl who would wear over a dress dutuyu garments, will be like a defenseless creature who wants to hug and warm.

Grunge - street style

With elongated spring women's jackets can be liberated to create the image of a biker girlfriends. This style looks elegant and daring at the same time. A small number of women at risk to try the combination bold. What is expressed in grunge style? The combination of coarse black or brown leather shoes with light dress. Such a style is perfect for school and college students. Adult ladies try these daring combinations possible only on special occasions. How can you look stylish and not too pretentious? Make one focus of the image. They can become a fashionable spring women's jacket. For emphasis to choose the model of outerwear that will be immediately evident. This effect will be achieved if to put on a jacket with embroidery or applique. If such a thing in your wardrobe is not, prefer leather jacket saturated hue. The jacket may be burgundy or khaki. Under such garments need to wear a bright light dress made of lace or chiffon. Complete high boots can be set on a flat sole or short heavy boots.

The grunge image can be used not only a leather jacket, but also shortened the coat. Such a reinterpretation of classics will be good to play on the contrast with the heavy shoes and light dresses. Today grunge style becomes the leading stritstayl among bloggers. Why? Because the image with a dark jacket and boots to create the easiest way. Outerwear acts as another layer of the image, which often is accentual.