8 psychological facts that should be known by all in love

Summer has a romantic affair, is not it? Sun, beaches, smiles, short skirts ... a wonderful time!

But before we dive into the feelings with the head, you should know some important and interesting psychological facts. What scientists have learned about love and relationships in recent years?

8 psychological facts that should be known by all in love

Men and women choose partners rebellious

Everyone knows that women like men - rebels. However, it is assumed that men, in turn, prefer women who obey, those who follow the rules. Women themselves have suggested that such character traits as obedience must involve men, but studies have shown the opposite: the attractiveness of submissive women greatly overstated.

The neural "sync"

Partners who can easily understand each other's emotions, feel a natural attraction to each other. Understanding the emotions of the partner creates a sense of attachment.

Images resulting from brain scintigraphy showed that the mutual attraction associated with a similar structure of the nervous system, so-called neural "synchronization." Individual changes regarding mutual attraction, foreshadowed underpinning the test system. The system sends a signal to the brain about how quickly and accurately a person is able to "decode the neural signals" prospective partner.

in the growth of Equality

New research has revealed that people prefer to choose a partner, the growth of which is close to their own. Although this fact is at odds with the general confidence in the fact that women prefer tall men, Dr. Tenesa claims that, after receiving genetic data on the growth of one partner, the researchers were able to accurately predict the growth of the second partner in 13% of cases.

The strength of a pathological inclination

People with painful traits such as impulsiveness and neurotic are more likely to be happy in love: they have more fans, partners and children. These are the results of a study of nearly a thousand heterosexual men and women.

No smiles, children

Women feel confident and serious men more attractive: the lack of smiles allows a man to look more manly.

Women, on the contrary, should smile more often, to be attractive, because a smile indicates that a woman is to make new acquaintances, friendly (and not only) relationship.

Younger and slimmer

Another study showed that very slender (even thin) women seem more attractive to men. The fact that thinness is associated with youth, but because slender women seem younger men and therefore - more attractive. Although write off the influence of the media is also not worth it.

expansive posture

Both men and women look Bole attractive when taking an open stance. For example, hands-free or natural hand position is always better than the folded or strenuous hand. The same goes for the legs - legs apart better than crossed.

The fact that open and neskovannye postures demonstrate self-confidence and openness, and therefore appear more attractive. The study is based on data obtained in the course of one of the fastest appointments projects. In front of the rendezvous participants can view photos prospective partners to try to predict those who they like in the end. As a result, participants who chose to photograph a more open and clamped position, "collected more likes."

A glass of wine

Studies have shown that one or two glasses of wine can make you more attractive. And it is not the well-known rule, when the drinker all around seem to be more attractive, and vice versa: a couple of glasses of wine drunk is more attractive. By the way, three glasses of wine and more - do not produce this effect.