Strange and unusual attractions in Ireland

While most people think that Ireland and the UK - the same thing, it is, in fact, not at all. Divided by the North Channel, Ireland - a country with its own history and magic! This means that it is full of strange and unusual places that you must visit!

10. "Amazing Barn" (The Wonderful Barn), Castletown House (Castletown House), Castletown

Strange and unusual attractions in Ireland

"The Amazing barn" - a spiral-shaped structure built on the estate Castletown House Conolly family (Conolly), situated between the town of Leixlip (Leixlip) and Celbridge (Celbridge), County Kildare.

The unusual structure was built in 1743 and, according to the assumptions, it could be used as a dovecote or granaries, although the majority opinion favors the latter.

9. "Irish sky garden" (The Irish Sky Garden), Skibbereen (Skibbereen)

Strange and unusual attractions in Ireland

bred near the town of Skibbereen in East Cork "Irish sky garden" - is the creation of artist James turrets (James Turrell).

This large conceptual garden erected within a huge crater, which is set in the center of the pedestal. If you lie on the pedestal and look up, you can see the sky, perfectly framed by the edges of the crater.

It is quite a strange place, but no more strange than the other attractions of this list. Just keep your mouth shut when you're lying on a pedestal in the rain.

8. Indian Sculpture Park "Victoria Way" (Victoria's Way Indian Sculpture Park), county Uiklonu (Wicklow)

Strange and unusual attractions in Ireland

In the park "Victoria Way" in County Wicklow is possible to see 33 black granite and 3 bronze sculptures, ranging in size from 1, 5 and 4, 5 meters. The creator of this unusual park, where you can see how a lot of great, so and unusual works of art, is a German Langheld Victor (Victor Langheld), inspired by his trip to India in search of enlightenment.

7. "Giant's Causeway" (Giant's Causeway), County Antrim (Antrim)

Strange and unusual attractions in Ireland

along the rocky coast of County Antrim is one of the greatest natural wonders of Ireland. Formed of 40,000 densely contiguous basalt columns, which were formed by an ancient volcanic eruption, "Giant's Causeway" in 1986 was included in the UNESCO World Heritage sites, and since 1987 is a national nature reserve.

As the only World Heritage Site in Northern Ireland, this place attracts millions of tourists who come here to look at the natural wonder.

6. The Cliffs of Moher (Cliffs of Moher), Liscannor (Liscannor), County Clare

Strange and unusual attractions in Ireland

The western boundary of Ireland meets the Atlantic Ocean a heavy curtain called "Cliffs of Moher". Named in honor of the fortress of the XVIII century, standing on a steep cliff, cliffs, dating back 300 million years, rising 120-200 m above the sea surface.

According to one of the many legends, Cliffs of Moher are a testament to the golden city Kilstiffen (Kilstiffen), was buried under the waves after its leader had lost the key to the impressive castle town.

5. Cave Dunmore (Dunmore Cave), County Kilkenny (Kilkenny)

Strange and unusual attractions in Ireland

This cave is said, was the site of a Viking massacre that has cost the lives of thousands people. For centuries, this unique system of caves inspired writers, archaeologists and researchers, and today is open to visitors, presenting a great interest in terms of geology.

4. The Purgatory of St. Patrick (St. Patrick's Purgatory), County Donegal (Donegal)

Strange and unusual attractions in Ireland

Located on a small island Station (Station Island) in the middle of Lough Derg (Lough Derg), this is the place, as they say, is the entrance to another world, shown Christ Saint Patrick.

To pilgrims visited these places do not test torments of purgatory, and for vespers, in the XVII century chapel and a monastery was built there, which was named "St. Patrick's Purgatory." Therefore, visitors to the island should not be afraid unclean.

3. Lamba Island (Lambay Island), County Fingal (Fingal)

Strange and unusual attractions in Ireland

They may be located thousands of miles from their native habitat - Australia but Lambo island is home to several thousand wallabies last 25 years! Yes, you read that right - the whole island full of creatures marsupial from the family of kangaroo!

In the 1980s, at the Dublin zoo there was a sudden and uncontrolled growth in the number of wallabies. Since the creation of kenguropodobnye quickly exhausted the potential of the zoo, his leadership was faced with the question, where it is possible to move an increasing population of wallabies.

Given an order to resettle them in the wild, zoo perevoz group of animals on the island of Lamb, located in the immediate vicinity of the Irish coast and less than an hour's drive from Dublin.

2. Wall Kildemok (The Kildemock Wall), County Louth (Louth)

Strange and unusual attractions in Ireland

If you want to feel the magic of Ireland, be sure to visit a place that Irish was referred to as "jumping the wall Kildemok" ( "Jumping wall of Kildemock"), which somehow mysteriously moved to 3 feet (91, 44 cm ) from its inception.

"Jumping Kildemok wall" - a strange ruins of the church in a small rustic village Milokstaun (Millockstown), mile and a half (2, 4 km) south of Hardy (Ardee).

1. The statue of Charlie Chaplin, the Ring of Kerry (Ring of Kerry)

Strange and unusual attractions in Ireland

Charlie Chaplin not born here and grew up. In it is not even Irish blood flowing, but he spent his holidays here, and residents of a quiet Irish village of Waterville (Waterville) it was enough to erect a monument.

Staying in the hotel Butler Arms, Chaplin brought his family to the Irish coastal village every year for over 10 years, since 1959.

Despite the fact that he was not an Irishman, never removed his films in Ireland and did not fulfill the role of the Irish, the locals are so loved actor during his short comings that eventually erected a bronze statue in his honor.

In addition, over time, a small town was the site of an annual festival of comedies of Charlie Chaplin. Not a bad memory of the years of rest.