Hair removal at home - a way to beauty!

Terms of hair removal

Body hair can bring the girls a lot of trouble. To get rid of what nature has awarded in excess, many are turning to specialized salons. Hair removal at home - no less productive procedure. Every girl can choose the best way to remove hair at home that will save not only money but also precious time. You should know some rules:

Hair removal at home - a way to beauty!
  • before epilation clean the skin with antibacterial wipes;
  • after the procedure, use special creams, revitalizing the skin and slows down hair growth;
  • to epilate no earlier than 8 days after the end of menstruation.

Method 1: Shaving

Shaving is the cheapest and fastest method of removing unwanted hair. Step by step description of this procedure is very simple:


  • applied to a specific area of ​​skin shaving gel;
  • to hold on this area of ​​the blade.

The modern market offers a wide variety of razors. It is said that women's and men's razor is virtually no different. Therefore, you can safely enjoy your favorite machine, of course, if he does not mind. This procedure has its drawbacks. These include the fact that the effect of such long epilation persists (1-2 days). Moreover, the regrown hair will significantly

Hair removal at home - a way to beauty!

rigid. Method 2: Wax

Hair removal at home wax is popular as well as hair removal razor. This naturally means a natural and practically eliminates irritation. Depilatory cold wax using a special fabric or paper strips for hair removal, which previously applied to natural medicine. Depilatory warm wax, it is necessary to hold a certain amount of time in hot water and the thin layer applied to the skin. This method does not require much experience and skill. For this process, the wax is heated and microwaved. A hair removal process is simple:

  • apply wax against it, and then along the hair growth;
  • wait until the mixture hardens;
  • a sharp movement tear off a strip from the bottom up;
  • to disinfect the skin;
  • powder. Hair removal at home - a way to beauty!

The pros and cons of the method

Plus this method is that the hair is removed along with the follicle, that is, a second operation is needed in three weeks. Whereby, for example, daily, exhausting underarm hair removal is not required. Less is only in the complexity of applying wax on the skin.

3. The method of hydrogen peroxide

Epilation at home such method is to systematically lubricated leather hydrogen peroxide. Under the influence of her hair become weak and thin. It is possible to use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with a one percent aqueous ammonia (3: 2). Using soap powder, it is necessary to shake up the foam. The mixture is applied to the skin. Allow to dry and rinse with warm water. Less of this procedure is that it can cause reddening of the skin, which, however, can be easily eliminated with the help of baby powder. Method 4. Sugar

Recipe for a special mixture of sugar for hair removal is extremely easy:

  • mix sugar (10 tablespoons), lemon juice (3 tbsp.) And a spoonful of water;
  • to warm over low heat, stirring constantly;
  • wait until the mixture acquires a golden color, bubbles appear;
  • cool.


The mixture should not stick. Remember, the skin should be clean and dry. Apply the paste in a thin layer. Top attach a strip of cotton fabric. After she stick, it is necessary to sharply pull off "compress".

Advantages of this procedure

  • efficiency (output shugaring maintained for three weeks);
  • security;
  • naturalness;
  • hypoallergenic.

The disadvantage, which can deliver such a hair removal at home, only one - a painful process.

Hair removal at home - a great way to look well-groomed and beautiful. Do not neglect the simple tips in hair removal and possibly change your life for the better!