Why exfoliate fingernails? we find the answer

Exfoliate nails a child, an adult woman and an old man - a process common to all ages and met him almost every. However, many prefer not to pay attention to it, covering them with lacquer. Such negligence is unacceptable, since lamination process is a kind of indicator that your internal system error occurred and something was missing.

Why exfoliate fingernails? we find the answer


Very often, when faced with this problem, women ask, "Why exfoliate fingernails and what to do in such cases?" First of all do not panic, because this is a serious disease is not. But do not forget about it and, because it is ugly and certainly does not give a woman well-groomed appearance. The foliation is not genetically transmitted disease, so with the help of some of the ways you can get rid of the fingernails this problem once and for all.

Why exfoliate fingernails? we find the answer


Let us first find out what is the cause of this disease:

  • The most common reason why exfoliate fingernails - is the lack of certain vitamins and trace elements. As for the stable and healthy growth of our "claws" in need of magnesium, calcium and iodine, they begin to change their structure when the stock begins to decline elements. Thus the body shows that you need a refill of vitamins, or else the nails become thin, brittle and begin to stratify.
  • The impact of household chemicals. If every day you eat fruits and vegetables, and the nails still continue to exfoliate, then, may be, the case in the media that you use. In most cases, this effect causes any cleaning agents, since their composition to enhance efficiency significant amount of chlorine added. If the reason why exfoliate fingernails in this, it is necessary to change the funds to more neutral.
  • Poor-quality paints. This is another factor, because of which lamination can take place. Very often paints made from not too good materials and paints. The result is that your nails for a long time was under a thick layer of low-quality varnish, may deteriorate.
  • The impact of acetone. In addition to colors, there are substandard acetone, using which it can be hard enough to damage the structure of the nail. It is preferable to spend more money, but to buy a really high-quality acetone, otherwise every nail polish remover will greatly spoil your nails.
  • Use of metal nail files. Before selecting a set of nail care is necessary to check whether a part of the metal is present, since he very much can ruin the structure.
Why exfoliate fingernails? we find the answer


In order to address the question of why exfoliate fingernails, you must carefully choose the varnish and acetone, to any additional way to spoil their own nails. You also need to eat more fruits, as well as meat, fish and vegetables, because that is where the large quantity of essential vitamins for healthy growth of hair and nails.