The standard size of a football field

At school or in the courtyard the size of a football field has never had a special significance. What sites are - on that and played. It was a gate - well, and if not, they were made of large stones or bags. No markings, no measurements - a pleasure. But in professional football, everything is not so, and even a football field has its specific dimensions, which must comply with the general requirements.

What are the dimensions of the field?

Even with all the severity football rules football field size can vary, however, within certain limits.

The standard size of a football field

Mandatory requirement - the area should be rectangular in shape, but the length of its sides may differ. The length of permissible values ​​of 90 to 120 meters and a maximum width - from 45 to 90 meters. Naturally, it is impossible to make a field 100 meters in length and 90 in width - there are certain proportions to be observed.

international standard

There is an international standard, according to which the size of a football field should be in a much narrower range than the one that exists for national tournaments.

The standard size of a football field

pad length should not be less than 100 meters, but should not exceed 110 and meters. As for the width of the border here is just as narrow: a minimum width of 64 meters and the maximum - 75 meters. On these fields has allowed the holding of international tournaments, so if the stadium is built in the hope that the international level of the game can be carried out on its site, you should use the standard size of a football field on the international classification.

Recommended size

However, the size of a football field does not vary for a long time. Some sites are still being made by his own standard, but in the world for over ten years as there is a common standard, which take almost all the clubs in the world.

The standard size of a football field

In accordance therewith, a football field length is 105 meters and its width - 68 meters. This establishes a particular sample, which is to adhere to any club. It is good that there is a freedom of choice in football, and in the construction of the stadium, you can make the field of its length, but the standards are not just. Therefore, any club that is going to take part in international competitions and play their home games at their own stadium, it is strongly recommended to use the standard dimensions of a football field in order to avoid conflicts with international football organizations. Non-compliance standards could even lead to disqualification, although this is not usually the case comes. If the home team's ground is not suitable for the match at a high level, then this game can be carried out in another stadium that will fit. However, this possibility is unlikely to be given twice, so if the club receives a message stating that his field of international standards, the management is not necessary to resist, and it is better to reassess the markup site. Apply markup - it is not to build a new stadium, so that special financial process will not work, so there is no sense to acquire a negative reputation, if the problem can be solved peacefully.