Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

Here is the 17 little-known facts about the cult film.

12 Serial Soviet film "Seventeen Moments of Spring", directed by Tatiana Lioznova, was shot on the novel by Yulian Semyonov. Already during the premiere of war drama gained immense popularity in the Soviet Union. And three years after the release of the first series of the movie was awarded the State Prize of the RSFSR.

One of the most popular spy series of the country was pulled for a quote, and great music Tariverdiev in the opening credits still sneaks into the heart and soul.

Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Wilhelm Lehmann

In Stirlitz was a real prototype - Gestapo Wilhelm Lehmann, who was recruited by Soviet intelligence. However, he went on the cooperation not for ideological and for mercantile reasons. And nothing to do with the way invented by Julian Semyonov, had not. Both externally (Vyacheslav Tikhonov explicitly Aryan type of person), and content. In the film, the hero Tikhonova is modest, almost reclusive. Lehman also was the complete opposite - he played at the races, go into debt, and changed the young lovers like gloves.

It does not look like a real Muller and Bronevoy. In fact, the Gestapo chief was much younger than her movie characters - in 1945 he was 45 years old. But the descendants of Shelenberga, played by Oleg Tabakov, with pleasure reviewing "17 Moments", because the actor was very like him. They even wrote a letter to Oleg Pavlovich, they say, when we want to look at "Uncle Walter", watch a movie.

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

Leonid Kuravlev were inconclusive Hitler

On the role Stirlitz tried Innocent Smoktunovski Oleg Strizhenov and Archil Gomiashvili. The candidacy of the latter, became famous as Ostap Bender in "12 chairs", defended the author of the novel Yulian Semyonov. But, they say, Archil eve shooting with director parted Tatyana Lioznova. Strizhenov was busy and Smoktunovsky not satisfied that the shooting could last for two years. On the role of Muller considered Vsevolod dignity. But he refused: "I will not play a fascist!" We have been looking for Hitler. Tried Leonid Kuravlev. Unconvincingly. We took a German, and he was given the role of a one-eyed SS Eismann. As we told Kuravlev, he was not averse to playing the Fuhrer: "But bad luck! Well, even brilliant artists fail. Lioznova always had his own opinion. " The main rival of Catherine Gradova that played radio operator Kate, Irina Alferov was, but at that moment was abroad.

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

Svetlichnaya wanted to justify loving Isaev

Svetlana Svetlichnaya (Gaby Nabeul) admitted to us that she wanted to play two roles at once, "I said Lioznova that it would be nice if one actress play and Gabi and his wife Shtirlitsa. To this was one style of women. This would then justify why Colonel Isaev carried away far from home Gabi. The idea Lioznova liked, but I later voiced - this role has already been approved by Eleanor Shashkova. And if embodied my idea - it has to be very interesting. Not to say that upset. But by the director would be tactless to deny the actress, who is already approved.

My character is the scenario was in love with Stirlitz. Tikhonov then sympathized with all the women of the USSR. If I gave in a couple of worthless old actor - I would have to fantasize. But in this case not fantasized not Viacheslav nor me. We had a pleasant relationship, and I'm sure he felt the same way. Therefore, we have so perfectly turned out a scene where we dance in his home. It is unique! There's no explanation, kisses, but only an incredible craving for each other. There's all said eyes: Gabi loves Stirlitz, and he, alas, as a scout could not be in Germany's beloved. Even the legendary Sergei Gerasimov said: "This scene should be shown to students of VGIK" ".

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring


Statement Tikhonov clave "Glory" and hide

Legend has it that Vyacheslav Tikhonov was tattooed, "Glory" on the left-hand brush, made in his youth. Naturally, Shtirlitsa this could not be. And when it was required to show a close-up hands Shtirlitsa, it was hands understudy - the assistant of the artist Felix Rostotsky. This fact is confirmed to us "Shtirlitsa wife" - actress Theater. Vakhtangov Eleanor Shashkova: "Yes, in my youth Tikhonov made a tattoo. It was a mistake of youth, so that even Prince Bolkonsky, he played with gloves on. But Glory clave itself "glory" for life - has predicted. A Lioznova loved Tikhonov did not want even the slightest black in his biography, therefore, about the tattoo all were silent. "

The armored-Muller twitching due costume

Many viewers remember Leonid Bronevoy as Muller, including the nervous twitching of his head in tense moments. But this gesture arose because armor sewn uniform two sizes too small, and the collar is constantly hit him in the neck! Seeing such a gesture, the director suggested him to leave, thinking that such a nervous tic only add color figure Mueller.

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

barely have enough money to last series of

"17 Moments" are considered to be the most expensive to the Soviet show, although the actual budget picture - a mystery. But modern film producers told us that if now the film was shot with the same scale, the cost of each series have managed in 100 thousand. Dollars at least.

Moreover, the shooting so much money was spent that Lioznova not have enough money to complete the film. Still, after the shooting lasted for two years in different cities and countries. No joke, just for Tikhonov were sewn 100 shirts! What to speak of them built in the studio. Gorky scenery - Chancellery corridors Muller office Shtirlitsa apartment and much more. Add to that the shooting on location - the picture was shot in Germany, the Baltic States and Georgia. However, what Flower Street Bern is actually in Riga, and the Swiss border Schlag pastor goes in the Caucasus, thus saving budget.

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

Tikhonov asked "eyes"

One of the most romantic scenes pictures - Colonel Isayev meeting with his wife in a cafe in Germany Elefant. Although dating scene in the cafe was not in the novel Semenov. Its suggested to insert Tikhonov after talking with one of the scouts. It turns out that many of our residents are arranged contactless meet relatives.

"Isayev Wife" Eleanor Shashkova told us how it was: "On the set I led one of the assistants of the actors, we worked on the set of" Two Lives ". It was in that movie the first time I saw Vyacheslav Vasilyevich, who played there one of the main roles. He made me, then a second-year student of the university theater, was filmed in the crowd, a strong impression! Although I am handsome men do not perceive. For the role of wife Isayev I was younger than the age of the heroine, and I was an adult. I am not surprised that it was a short goodbye Shtirlitsa scene with his wife became the brightest in the film. Remember the frame when he looked up. They were full of soul, and in my eyes, read: "I am suffering in separation, love you so much and is very worried about how you live here without me?" In the last close-up of my character's eyes said: "Can I see you last time life ... " And in fact, we were taken to separate Tikhonov. What you see in the picture, - the installation. Previously, all filmed with one camera and film two scenes a day. Everything was rehearsed, thoughtfully. It is now a continuous conveyor belt! On that day, Viacheslav came to the set unexpectedly. It was his first day off work for six months, but he has not remained sitting at home and wanted to look into the eyes of his on-screen wife, to find out who she is. I came in and sat down at the camera on the table level. We played in silence ... And everything happened just over an hour. With such a great actor as Tikhonov, otherwise it could not be! And the next day was his shooting without me. But he said Lioznova: "Let me take me those eyes. Without them, I can not shoot. " And I was immediately taken to the shooting and put the camera. I tried to do everything the same as the day before. Therefore, probably, Viacheslav and played so brilliantly, looking into my eyes filled. "

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

to go to Germany with his "Mercedes"

They say that its charter in another monastery do not go. But in Berlin the film crew went with its "Mercedes" for Stirlitz. On the first day of shooting, the car stalled, and wind it was impossible. He was rescued by a group recordist Leonard Bukhov who sought out his friend Gunther Klibenshtayna, collecting retroavto. From his collection and had to hire a car for Stirlitz. However, the model "Mercedes sedan" inherited "Standart-Führer", is really too ordinary for this title. Although Semenov novel more significant gaffe - Stirlitz travels by car brands "Horch" WRC-821. In fact, on such a machine in those days we traveled members of the government, and three letter was not available.

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

During the torture the children were smiling

In the episode where the infant radio operator Kat unswathe open window (it's cold outside, and the Germans are hoping that the mother's heart tremble and she surrenders Stirlitz), a baby should cry because it is cold. In fact, children (in a scene of torture of a baby playing just 18 children, since the shooting took place a long time, and the baby in the mother's presence was allowed to be on the set of no more than two hours), it was warm, so they smiled and snuffle. Burn baby crying was not possible, so the engineer had to go to the children's hospital to record the cry there.

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

Makarov pistol and Soviet cars

In the episode where Stirlitz kills provocateur Claus (played by Lev Durov), in the hands of our reconnaissance reason, a Makarov pistol, which is in service of the German army could not be determined. Yes, and heap praise on the song "Milord" by Edith Piaf, which appeared only in 1958 - a clear leap into the future. But in the scene where Kate says goodbye to Stirlitz at the station, it was written in Russian on the train, "56 tons". And in the scene of sending telegrams it is clear that they are written on the forms "of the USSR International telegram" smeared with ink coat of arms.

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

In Germany Tikhonov almost broke

Walk from the hotel to the set almost cost Tikhonov accused of propaganda of fascism. The fact that he went out into the street in the form of the standard of the Fuehrer-SS, for which he was immediately arrested by Berliners. Those considered him a Nazi and had a showdown. Fortunately, the filmmakers heard mess and recaptured the artist.

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

Lioznova deprived composer rank

Lioznova would like to in the credits as a director she was and how co-writer, I came up as some of the scenes, but Semenov was against it. Scandal, and the composer's "Moments" Tariverdiev called as a judge. He decided that Lioznova wrong. And not received the State Prize of the RSFSR (and hence, the title and a large amount), which in 1976 went for the film Lioznova, Semenov, Tikhonov and operator Peter Kataev. Receiving it from the list deleted.

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

Because Kobzon put cordons with scammers

Mikael Tariverdiev refused to be a composer a picture, they say, is not writing for films, which starred Stalin. As a result, he created the 18 tunes, but includes two only. And immediately there was talk that he was "Do not think of seconds down" like a "love story" Legrand. There was a scandal and with the performers. Listened Leshchenko Obodzinskii, Magomayev, but stopped at Kobzon. Although Tariverdiev opposed: they quarreled. And when Kobzon recorded, the director had to arrange the cordons, which informs on the approximation of the composer!

Kate gave birth in the hospital who examined Tymoshenko

In the scene where Stirlitz and radio operator Kat baby in her arms come out of the hospital, involved a real University Clinic Charite in Berlin. Since then, much time has passed: a tall tree in front of the building no longer exists, the tracks converted and fixtures on poles other.

Clinic "Charite" founded in 1710, is among the oldest medical institutions in Germany and is one of the oldest university clinics in Europe. Today this institution has heard almost every Ukrainian in connection with ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, which is examined by doctors from the clinic. By the way, in the role of a newborn baby radio operator Kat starred Maria Mironova (daughter of Catherine Gradova and Andrei Mironov, actors). But in addition to her film roles have been in this involved five other babies.

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

Because of the language Durov was shot in the forest

A scene in which Stirlitz kill Klaus (Lev Durov), had to shoot near Berlin. But as we told Leo K., with a trip to Germany did not work out because he was not released from the Soviet Union, and all because of a sense of the artist humor: "Before going abroad, I like all the traveling had to be interviewed in exit Commission. I was asked to describe the flag of the Soviet Union. Suddenly I gave, they say, well, how-how, black background, white skull on it and two crossed tibia. It called flag "Jolly Roger". I turned and shot in the forest near Moscow. "

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

Gaft got the role of a blind American

Gaft Valentin (played Gaevernitz Americans who participated in the negotiations for the surrender of Germany) told us: "I had to go on vacation, but I needed the money. And here I was invited Oleg Tabakov. I went to the shooting and did not know what it will have to play a character. There, he met with Lioznova. She has even the slightest episode treated very seriously. My, we discussed the whole day. Do not compare with the current process of filming! "

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring

Lanovoi did not want to be the enemy of

Basil Lanoviy, which at the time fell in love with the audience in the film "Officers", confessed to us that Lioznova barely persuaded him to become an SS-Obergruppenführer Karl Wolff: "Tatiana came to me in the theater twice, inviting to star in the film. But I was busy in the theater and in another picture, because stubbornly refused. Lioznova not retreating, as seen in this role only me. I gave up after hearing her striking phrase of my hero Wolfe: "He is not an enemy, he is your enemy - a powerful and intelligent."

Her words to me very much, because I think playing the enemies of the Motherland - monkey work. But I am extremely disappointed that the film made in color. This is terrible! After all, this documentary film. Head would be pulled for this "A most successful Vasyl described the scene when it arrives Wolf on the plane and he was arrested:" It Lanovoi actor was the most accurate, it seems to me. "

Unknown 17 Moments of Spring