8 famous statements of women politicians

"The middle of the right of the left": women quotes, change the world.

8 famous statements of women politicians

The famous women - politicians, very different in appearance, attitudes, actions and interests, combines the power of the mind, which is easy to confirm the quotes sounded at certain points in history. They have already gone from us, and now living, can not refuse.

Clara Zetkin: I do not have enough body perception

"The palm of supremacy" among the great female politicians, had the reputation of Zlatoust 'among equals, and the people, on the right we must pay, in fact, the culprit celebration, celebrated on March 8 - German politician, activist of the German and the international communist movement, one of the founders of the Communist Party of Germany, Clara Zetkin .

She preferred to speak, for the most part, briefly and clearly. Sometimes even pitied the men: "Not only women workers suffer from a miserable payment for their work. Male workers, too, suffer from this. " Admirable as the phrase: "I do not have enough body perception."

Margaret Thatcher: Russia - a headache

8 famous statements of women politicians

"Being powerful - it's like being a lady. If you have to remind people that you it are, you it is not exactly "- said once Margaret Hilda Thatcher or Baroness Thatcher (Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher) - 71 th Prime Minister of Great Britain (Conservative British Party) in 1979-1990, respectively.

Here is another wise idea (with the above, it is difficult to argue!): "Ninety percent of our concern for the fact that will never happen."

And finally, such a statement Thatcher should have caught the majority of all women and girls living in different parts of the world: "I am extremely patient, provided that in the end is in my opinion !!!" "If a woman shows character, about her saying" bad woman ". If the character takes a man, they say about him: "He's a good guy," - complains the Baroness.

"Do not listen to the condemnation in his address. For, even if you could walk on water, then rest assured, someone will say, "See, he did not even know how to swim," ...

Very frankly she answers the question why was the policy of "Why I decided to become a politician? It's simple. I was too terrible for prostitution and too stupid to steal. "

"Never give up, and you will see how to give up the other" - Thatcher proclaimed motto.

And, finally, about Russia: "Weak or strong, as a partner or as a headache, Russia always has a value."

Valentina Matvienko: Well, I do not like the gender!

8 famous statements of women politicians

The statements infamous, especially St Petersburg, Valentina Matvienko: "Well, I do not like the gender, comparing a woman in politics - a man in politics" is the best suited to the 8th of March.

But far more popular, ejected like a sparrow, and caught a lot of phrase once thrown Petersburg official: "Shoot down icicles scrap - a stone age. We must find another way. Laser, hot steam cut off, even what methods. It is necessary to raise the scientific and technical advice and consult. If scientists divorced his hands and say - only with a crowbar, then yes. "

Hillary Clinton: "Women's rights - human rights"

8 famous statements of women politicians

The famous Hillary Clinton, judging by the statements, an incorrigible optimist, confident that "Human rights - women's rights, and women's rights - they are human rights." In addition, she believes that "any task, if examined with optimism and a positive attitude can be accomplished." Apparently, this lady also confident: "If I want to lose this or that article to the front page, I just change my hairstyle." And it is not alien to the philosophy: "I'm sure you can not agree with the views of the person, and to join with him in the dispute without vvyazyvaniya politics of its own destruction."

Elena Mizulina: "Our gay men more intelligent '

Quirkiness thought Russian "soldier of morality" Elena Mizulina has no boundaries.

It always raises gender issues: "We need the Orthodox healthy girl, not pale-Zauchka feminists." This phrase and others like it and saying: "Our gay men more intelligent" triumphantly escaped in the nation and on the Internet.

Mizulina desperately struggles against abortion, saying: "Abortion - the national security threat to the country."

Michelle Obama: Find people!

8 famous statements of women politicians

"Find people who will make you better," - this advice is Michelle Obama's "raised the shield on the" Americans. That's looking for ...

She confidently says, "You can not make decisions based on fear and the thinking about the possibilities of what can happen."

Jen Psak called himself "a victim of Russian propaganda"

8 famous statements of women politicians

His statements fairly famous press-secretary of the US State Department Jen Psak. In particular, the withdrawal of charges against ex-President Hosni Mubarak is accompanied with the words: "In general, we continue to believe that compliance impartial accountability standards will promote the political consensus on which the long-term stability and economic growth of Egypt."

And at the end of last year, Jen proudly stated that, as a "new democratic Ukraine" has fallen "victim of Russian propaganda."

Angela Merkel: To bring up the point of view of the interlocutor

8 famous statements of women politicians

"But Europe - is a rich continent, and we can well afford to take care of everyone", - proudly explained once German statesman and politician (from November 21, 2005 - German Chancellor). But her thoughts, addressed both journalists and politicians: "I urge you to not to consider any criticism as destructive, open a German newspaper and read what they write. If I ever offended, I would not last three days at his post. "

There are a number of her sayings and such candid: "Anyone who says frankly, can convey to his interlocutor, even a different view," "When it comes to human dignity, we can not compromise."

Let us and is, undoubtedly, a brilliant statement of Merkel, which probably would have agreed to other female politicians: "The middle of the right of the left."