Do not break your head over what to go to the wedding! Outfit in your hands!

Friend is getting married! When it is the solemn and enchanting moment in the life of a loved one, you start to look for a dress for her wedding, even without having any idea of ​​what this would go, not to outshine the bride, and at the same time look elegant. If your head is spinning thoughts: "What is going to the wedding" - that will help my article, which I would like to reveal some secrets of the selection of attire for the wedding.

Do not break your head over what to go to the wedding! Outfit in your hands!

No black and white

The first is to forget about the white dress. If you do not want to offend the bride, discard it. Understand that for any woman to this day - special. Give her a chance on your holiday one to be white! The downside is the black color, which will also be out of place and will once again be reminded of mourning. Best of all - to dilute such dress accessories of other colors.

Styles and colors

As you go to the wedding the young girls? Here at your disposal is a huge range of colors, from peach to fuchsia. You can indulge in a bright dress. Wedding - a celebration where you have fun from the heart, so choose a color that suits you best. At weddings, we basically do not sit still. Should give preference to short dresses, which will be comfortable to dance! What to Wear to the wedding of a friend to women between the ages? Here you can also choose any bright or muted color.

Do not break your head over what to go to the wedding! Outfit in your hands!

The main thing is style. If you think, what to wear to a wedding girlfriend, then just refer to one secret: do not open problem areas. Choose the style of dress that will hide your flaws and emphasize the dignity. You have to look feminine and elegant. The optimum length for you - to the knee and a little lower. In any case, do not select a midi length. This length will break your proportions. If you do not know what to go to the wedding, the best option for you would be a dress-box without any inserts. Minimalism is in fashion!

Accessories for wedding

Of accessories advantageous will look ornaments of precious metals. The main thing - do not overdo this. If your dress and so many ruff and sequins, it is necessary to give up the big jewelry and costume jewelry. Otherwise, you'll look like a crow. The dress can be diluted with a gold bracelet or a ring. It is best suited for a wedding clutches and handbags. In them you can put everything you need: phone, lipstick and money.

Do not break your head over what to go to the wedding! Outfit in your hands!

As you go to the wedding: choose shoes

As for shoes, here you can do to show imagination. You can pick up her dress or under a few shades darker. You can also wear a beige pumps in your skin tone or stockings. So visually lengthen your legs. Classic variant is black pumps, which are suitable for any dress. If your dress is a one-color and some light color, you can emphasize the shoe, ie. E. To pick up shoes in bright color. So you can play on the contrast and will look trendy and sexy. Identical dresses for bridesmaids

If you do not know what to go to the wedding, you can surprise the bride and make her a memorable gift, which is that all the bridesmaids were dressed in the same dress. So you look perfectly, and the bride will stand out on your background!

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