Thick calves feet: how to fight it

Thick calves feet: how to fight it

C by genetics, as a rule, can not be helped. And if a woman has a predisposition to be overweight, it will become thin very hard. The same applies to the calves. There is an eternal problem: skinny want to get better at this part, chubby - lose weight. But here's the dilemma, one for all: how to do it, because this area is almost impossible to "persuasion"! Thick calves - a disaster, because it is a limitation in the clothes, and rather big. And a stoplight us girls do not really like. How to remove the eggs on their feet? And the reason for this phenomenon?

Why do girls thick calves?

When we lose weight, lose weight all - arms, buttocks, abdomen, chest, but not eggs. This is a disaster, because it does not always looks harmonious. The reason, as a rule, one - genetics. If you are from mother nature this feature, then this is almost nothing you can do. I noticed the word "almost"? All right, something that can be corrected, and especially Assertive should still go in spite of everything, including great genetics. Success is only possible when two conditions are met: regularity and constancy. Ready? Then forward to victory! Step one: Power

So, if you decide to take the first step, you're already halfway. How do you want to start? Of course, with food. Thick calf - this is partly the result. As a result, you need to reduce the amount of calories in the diet, consumed in small quantities harmful carbohydrates and drink plenty of water. Lean in summer fruits and vegetables, lettuce, onions. This will help the body to gain the necessary amount of vitamins and lose weight. This does not mean you have to starve yourself. Just eat less and more often, gradually reduce the amount of used products. Do not lean on flour and eat a useful, fortified food. In addition, drink plenty of water! Two liters of fluid a day - the best option!

Thick calves feet: how to fight it Step Two: exercise

You can start training at home by yourself, or you can go for help in sports clubs. Thick calves decrease in volumes, if you are a regular to do special exercises. Video tutorials, examples, training, advice - all this can be easily found. If you have a coach - it will help you to choose the required load. And your thick calves quickly begin to decrease in volume. Will be useful Pilates, aerobics and water aerobics. Excellent fit classes that focus on stretching. This will strengthen the legs and give a beautiful shape, removes excess fat deposits. Remember that you need to constantly engage in sports and exercise! Several lessons will not give results, but the systematic help to not only reduce the amount of calves, but also give them a nice shape!

Thick calves feet: how to fight it

Step Three: massage

Perhaps not everyone knows that massage helps to reduce the volume in the legs. Thick calf - it's really not much of a problem as they can still correct. Vigorous massage from the feet to the knee will help to consolidate the results, as well as blood circulation. Full calf can purchase miniature, classic shape, and you will be able to shine with their legs in all its glory! Do not limit yourself, work on yourself - and all will be well!