What are the dimensions of the rings

Although we wear jewelry on the fingers quite often, many of us do not even know the size of the rings. Some on this subject do not reflect, others make a purchase after fitting, and others want to find out, but somehow it does not work. Many can confidently say that you can just go to a jewelry store, where you can help in solving this problem. But this must be done three times!

What are the dimensions of the rings

After all, at different times of the day, our fingers are different thicknesses. It is not necessary to measure the ring after sports activities, in very cold or hot weather. The final fitting should not do in a calm state. Get a first inexpensive decoration and diarrhea it a bit. Then you will understand exactly how it is convenient for you.

What to look for when choosing a ring

Quite often, those sizes of rings that are specified on the label the product are different from real ones. Jewelry from different stores of the same size can be very different in size. Only expensive products precisely match those parameters. Especially important is the width of the ring. Wider product is larger compared to narrow. It is located on the phalanx of a finger, which is thicker than the base.

What are the dimensions of the rings

The dimensions of the rings are connected with their inner profile. In our country, such ornaments have a flat profile, and import - convex. It is called The comfort fit, which means a comfortable fit. In this regard, there are international dimensions of the rings. Products with a convex profile is very convenient. They do not cut into the skin, if the fingers are swollen. They can spolirovat, in the event that a person will recover. Therefore, choosing a similar decoration, pay attention to it. Important enough when choosing the rings their thickness. Here we must pay attention to the European dimensions of the rings. There are products made of about 2 millimeters in height. This is due to the quantity of diamonds that are on them. Jewelry without stones will not tear and will remain the same shape even if they increase. With thin so articles can be done.

How to choose wedding rings

Before buying such a note on their toes. On the long and thin they look great wide and narrow rings. And the average width is better not to choose. On plump and long fingers are perfect wide rings.

What are the dimensions of the rings

In short, better to wear tight jewelry, so as not to focus attention on them. You also need to pay attention to the joint. The ring should easily pass through it and not hang out at the bottom. Such rules are considered common. Each person must make their own decisions in this choice. Try a few products need to decide what is right for you. A wedding ring in any case should not annoy the owner, and look like something ridiculous.

Determine the size of the rings at home

Make it easy enough. You just need to take a string and a ruler. Wrap it around your finger where you want to wear jewelry. Then you need to mark the spot where the cord attached, deploy and measure up line. Remember the result and feel free to go for the purchase.