Vitamins for Hair Growth - pomp guarantee of beauty and healthy head of hair shine

Any woman who is important her appearance, is not indifferent to the condition and quality of hair. Vitamins for Hair Growth perfectly compensate the lack of nutrients. Therefore, loss problems, loss of quality head of hair as a result of their reception are solved successfully and permanently.

What vitamins are essential hair

Vitamins for Hair Growth - pomp guarantee of beauty and healthy head of hair shine

beautiful and healthy hair requires a vitamin B complex, which is responsible for their growth: B12 (tsianokolabamin), B9 (folic acid), B8 (inositol), B7 (Biotin), B6 ​​(pyridoxine), B2 (riboflavin) B1 (thiamine) and nicotinic acid and pantothenic. The disadvantage of these substances could well lead to severe hair loss and noticeable hair loss. Is extremely important and vitamin E, which establishes circulation of oxygen in the blood and supports the stable operation of the immune system. Therefore, these vitamins for hair growth, and combinations thereof are very important. Vitamin C also promotes good blood supply, supports the correct functioning of capillaries, so constant his technique helps accelerate the growth of hair on the head. For better resistance to infections that can cause hair loss, well take vitamin A. How to cure hair loss?

Best of all, if the trace elements and vitamins to prevent hair loss, selects the physician trichologist. The specialist will do everything necessary to identify the true cause of hair problems, make the treatment program and will recommend specific medications. This is important, because the vitamins for hair growth are all different: someone to purchase their dream shag simple enough vitamin complex, and someone, even the most expensive prop course of vitamins, does not notice the improvements. Today, some clinics can evaluate the state of health of hair and determine what vitamins missing. According to the results a schedule where you can see what is happening in the structure of hair, no trace is not enough, and which are present in excess. So the problem is solved more precisely.

How to choose the vitamins for hair?

Vitamins for Hair Growth - pomp guarantee of beauty and healthy head of hair shine

Compliance few simple guidelines will help you choose the correct vitamin complex:

  1. excellent properties have drugs, where there are not only vitamins but also minerals.
  2. The best vitamin complexes - those that do not contain dyes and various fragrances.
  3. Doctors believe that multivitamins Russian production is much better adapted to the Russians than foreign, having in his part of the right amount of certain items.
Vitamins for Hair Growth - pomp guarantee of beauty and healthy head of hair shine

The effect of well-chosen ordinary multivitamin complex will be no worse than that of the advertised special and expensive.

How to take a course of vitamins for hair growth

Having determined the suitable complex, it can be taken for a long time, because it is not addictive, and its efficiency is not reduced. It is best to take vitamins for hair growth, together with a meal in the morning or in the afternoon. B vitamins have a calming effect, so take them better at night. Insufficient drinking works against the hair growth, so it is important to drink plenty of fluids, in particular, clean water, which perfectly helps rid the body of excess minerals and vitamins. Be irresistible!