How does the hydrogen bomb

News of December - a successful test of a hydrogen bomb by North Korea. Kim Jong-un did not fail to hint (just say) that is ready at any time to turn the weapon of defense in the offensive, what caused an unprecedented boom in the press around the world. However, there were also optimists have declared the falsification tests, saying that the shadow of the Juche not to fall, and the fallout that is not visible.

But why the presence of the country-aggressor hydrogen bomb is such a significant factor for the free world, because even nuclear warheads, which North Korea has in abundance, yet no one so frightened?

What is the

How does the hydrogen bomb

The hydrogen bomb, also known as the Hydrogen Bomb, or HB - weapons of incredible destructive power, whose power is calculated megatons of TNT. HB principle of operation is based on energy that is generated during fusion of hydrogen nuclei - exactly the same process takes place in the sun.

The hydrogen bomb is different from the atomic

How does the hydrogen bomb

Nuclear fusion - the process that takes place during the detonation of the hydrogen bomb - the most powerful type of energy available to mankind. In the peaceful purpose of its use, we have not yet learned, but adapted to the military. This fusion reaction, similar to that which can be observed in the stars, releasing an incredible flow of energy. In the nuclear energy is produced by nuclear fission, so the atomic bomb explosion is much weaker.

The first test

And the Soviet Union once again ahead of many of the participants of the Cold War race. First hydrogen bomb, made under the guidance of the genius of Sakharov, tested at a secret test site of Semipalatinsk - and they are, to put it mildly impressed not only scientists, but also the western spies.


How does the hydrogen bomb

Direct devastating effects of the hydrogen bomb - the strongest, with its high intensity shock wave. Its capacity depends on the size of the bomb and the altitude at which there was a charge detonation.

The thermal effect of

How does the hydrogen bomb

H-bomb just 20 megatons (the size of the largest proven at this time bomb - 58 megatons) creates a huge amount of heat energy: concrete melted within a radius of five kilometers from the missile test site. In devyatikilometrovom radius will be destroyed all life, not stand in any equipment or buildings. The diameter of the crater formed by the blast, will exceed two kilometers, and its depth will range about fifty meters.


How does the hydrogen bomb

The most spectacular explosion after observers seem a huge ball of fire: flaming storms initiated by the detonation of the hydrogen bomb, will support themselves by engaging in a funnel more and more combustible material.

radioactive contamination

How does the hydrogen bomb

But the most dangerous consequence of the explosion will be, of course, radioactive contamination. Disintegration of heavy elements in a raging fire vortex fill atmosphere minute particles of radioactive dust - it is so easy that the entering into the atmosphere, can circumnavigate the globe twice or three times and then fall as precipitation. Thus, a bomb explosion 100 megatons may have consequences for the entire planet.


58 megatons - that's how much weighed the largest hydrogen bomb, detonated at the test site Novaya Zemlya archipelago. The shock wave three times circled the globe, forcing opponents of the USSR once again assured of the enormous destructive power of these weapons. Merry Khrushchev at the plenum joked that the bomb did not do more than just fear of breaking the glass in the Kremlin.