Glow emerald. Makeup for green eyes

How to do makeup for green eyes?

From a professional point of view, make-up green eyes more than any other suitable for stylistic experimentation. Their natural beauty can be accentuated by using a variety of different shades. And mascara and eyeliner give them a mystery and more expressive. In addition, green eyes have a unique property: they are able, depending on the time of day or the environment to change its color. Doing makeup for green eyes, you need to take into account all these circumstances.


The glamorous makeup science are two main type of make-up: a day (daily) and evening (the front). Depending on what time of the day and for what reason is the makeup, it can be made using a variety of means of decorative cosmetics. Of course, everyday option should not strongly evident, but the evening can be bright and expressive, but in any case not vulgar and provocative. In addition, the make-up, whether it is day or parade, be sure to correctly choose the color of shadows. So beautiful makeup for green eyes can not tolerate the use of shades of the same color as the eyes. Day make-up for green eyes Glow emerald. Makeup for green eyes

Makeup artists believe that with such a color of the eyes should not use cold colors, such as blue or blue. Also unacceptable are some shades of pink, as they can give the look some soreness. Black is also undesirable in a make-up green eyes, because he is able to muffle their brightness. However, these restrictions may be revised depending on the hair color and skin tone. So the best way to determine the appropriate palette of colors and shades of shadows - this experimentation.

Process description

So, starting the day make-up, use the colors of moderate, which will also go well with the clothes that you are going to wear. However, it will certainly have to be warm colors: chocolate, moderately-pink, shades of orange, yellow or golden. Incidentally, the last look particularly striking and refreshing. But the silvery shade is better not to use. It is the prerogative of blue eyes.

Glow emerald. Makeup for green eyes

Owners of green eyes in choosing eyeliner is better to stop on a dark brown or gray shades as they do look much deeper and more expressive. But black eyeliner eyes can visually reduce and smooth out their beauty. The same applies to the carcass. With the help of eyeliner or pencil loop of the same color, you can draw arrows in retro style. They are suitable for both day and for everyday make-up. Just need to try to pick out their very close to the lash line. Some zelenoglazkam to face very black eyeliner and mascara. Therefore, you can try different options and have one to choose the most suitable. Evening beautiful makeup for green eyes

Glow emerald. Makeup for green eyes

When you create an evening make-up holders of emerald eyes could use a shade of lilac-violet range. They will look very impressive, accentuate the eyes shine. It is desirable that it was a pearly shade. The only thing to consider when this makeup: you should use shadow and lipstick with a purple hue. It will also look great copper and gold shades, especially if the clothing is in shades of green.