Dress Mother of the Bride - practical advice on choosing the dress

Wedding - an important occasion to buy dresses for mother of the bride

Wedding accompanied by pleasant cares and anxiety naturally. Mother prepares himself solemnly to entrust the fate of his daughter in the hands of men. And by the troubles associated with the impeccable appearance of the bride, you should think about its festive elegance. It is necessary not only to choose a dress for the mother of the bride, but also take care about the accessories that complement the image, hair and makeup.

Dress Mother of the Bride - practical advice on choosing the dress

Selection of attire, from my own style

When the mother, the children survived wedding, they share their experience, then advised, choosing clothes for a wedding, to be guided by personal taste. This solution will ensure maximum comfort and give a lot of confidence in their own attractiveness. It makes more sense to defend personal preference and not lean towards convincing the younger generation request to wear something trendy.

Dress Mother of the Bride - practical advice on choosing the dress

The combination of dresses with a festive atmosphere of the hall

It is important to bear in mind that to choose a dress for the bride's mother must comply with the festive atmosphere of the wedding hall, expressive detail design. If you plan to play a wedding in the garden or on the beach area, the gorgeous dress, touches the floor, glittering abundance of stones, it will be extremely inappropriate and highly impractical. On the contrary, in an atmosphere premises presentable with attributes celebration, according to the wedding theme, rigorous style of costume in the spirit of practical minimalism guests will be treated as clothes for a business meeting. Mom runs the risk of looking boring and very casually. The use of corrective underwear

It has become a fashion trend to use for special occasions, including wedding, corrective underwear. Depending on the large or small volumes of the body that you want to draw, modeling clothing is divided into a strong model, medium and low degree of correction. They differ on the quality of the percentage of Lycra and quantity Waist superkrepkih seams. But in order to get used to the process of retracting the figures should be vilified on the eve of underwear a few days. In cases of extreme zakompleksovannosti you can find a dress for the mother of the bride with a cape. Make sure that in a wedding dress was not the details that focus on age-related disadvantages of the figure.

Dress Mother of the Bride - practical advice on choosing the dress

The combination of mom and dad's clothes

You can create a composition together the whole family, which combines the style and color of dress for mother of the bride and a set of festive clothes Pope. Designers are finding coincidence fabrics on spouses in one color, it gives the stunning effect of understanding at the wedding. You can just use the accent element, pick up accessories, jewelry similar to both parents. Cufflinks on the Pope can repeat the pattern on the mother's earrings. But by this recommendation should be abandoned if someone item is not to face. It is believed a tone of decency to the wedding to wear the family jewels. The choice of shoes

The most careful approach requires a variety of shoes. It is important that the shoes were the most comfortable. A dress for the bride's mother in conjunction with the selected pair of shoes should be finished and harmonious way. It is better to give preference to the model that the average height of a heel, given that you have to be a whole day on their feet.

Help stylist

If you choose a dress for the bride's mother's own quite difficult: it is difficult to decide on the combination of color, texture, fabric and silhouette lines - you can ask for help to the stylist. In any case, you should stick to the idea that elegance is perceived by others through a sense of proportion.