Biography football coach Kurban Berdyev

Kurban Berdyev Bekievich - known footballer and popular football coach in Russia. Known domestic fans as head coach of Kazan "Ruby" and "growth." Today - head coach of football club "Rostov".

Let us consider in detail the biography of Kurban Berdyev.


Future football coach was born on August 25, 1952 in Ashgabat. The boy was born in the most normal and ordinary family. Father was a party organizer of the printing. An ethnic Turkmen Kurban Berdyev. Already at the age of seven he began to attend the local school football.

Biography football coach Kurban Berdyev

to graduate until the ninth grade, enrolled in public school. To adulthood he played for the youth team of the local team, "Kopetdag". And in 19 years, I was able to enroll in the state university.

Football Career

In the first year of university to become the main man midfield of the football club "Builder". In 1977 he moved to Kazakhstan "Kairat" in which played the entire season. The following season, he returned to the "Builder", where he spent another season. Then the Turkmen footballer moved to Russia, where he played for the SKA. The Russian football player has played all season, after which he returned to Kazakhstan, where until the end of a professional career played for "Kairat".

Coaching career

After graduating from professional football career Turkmen specialists decided to go into coaching activities. "Chemist" became the first club. After spending three years in the "Chemist", Turkmen specialists able to achieve outstanding results with the team. In the late 90s, he enrolled in the High School coaches, from which he graduated two years later. After high school, he was appointed assistant in the football club "Kairat".

Biography football coach Kurban Berdyev

In the "Kairat" Turkmen specialists spent only two years, but wanted to try his hand as a head coach, so in 1993 he moved to Turkey, where he headed the "Genclerbirligi", which spent the entire season, and then returned to Kazakhstan. Already the head coach of "Kairat".

The following season, led Kazakhstan "Munaishy", where he also worked for only one season. Then followed work in his native Turkmenistan, where Kurban Berdyev spent a season in the local "Nisa", and the following year had already led the national team.

Main popularity came already in Russia, where Turkmen specialists moved to the beginning of the new century. It has become a "Crystal" the first Russian club to which the coach has achieved outstanding results, taking the first and last season for himself in fifth place.

The next year, Turkmen specialists took over as head coach in Kazan, "Ruby", with whom he worked for 12 years. In the very first season, Eid said he plans to make a "Ruby" champion of the country in the next few years, as well as show excellent results in the European arena. However, no one wanted to believe in nonsense unknown coach of Turkmenistan.

Biography football coach Kurban Berdyev

However, in his first season Kurban Berdyev was able to bring the team to the Premier League. Two years later, they won the bronze medal in the national championship. Five years later, the Kazakh Turkmen specialists helped the club to win the gold medal of the national championship and bring the team to the UEFA. Over 12 years in the Kazakh club Kurban helped him create an entire football academy and to gain a foothold in the Premier League.

Taking a break for a year, Kurban Berdyev moved to Rostov, where he signed a long-term contract with the same club.

Already in the following year he helped the team come out for the first time in its history in the Champions League. In the group stage memorable victory at the home field of the Munich "Bavaria". It is the victory allowed the team at the end of the group stage qualify for the Europa League in the spring.

Biography football coach Kurban Berdyev

Having worked in "Chicago" for three years, the Turkmen coach Kurban Berdyev again accepted an invitation to work in the "Ruby". To date, he continues to work there, helping the team take a significant place in the national championship.


First wife of Turkmen specialists became the teacher of a foreign language. Soon after the engagement, the couple had a son. However, after several years spent with the couple broke up. Already in the 90th Kurban remarried. Wife gave her husband a pretty daughter who was named Aylarov and son Allaberdy. The younger son decided to follow his father's footsteps and move in football, and senior producer of works.