Cascade - haircut on long hair or what hair style will never go out of fashion

Features trendy haircuts lately is the natural and negligence. Hairstyles this year are made in what was once a forgotten retro style, for example, a cascade - a haircut on long hair.

Cascade - haircut on long hair or what hair style will never go out of fashion

However, the style is not as important as some of the stylists say. For many women, far more important than the convenience and the ease with which hairstyle will resist laying.


This haircut is designed to give the largest volume. Therefore, for straight fine hair it fits perfectly. The staircase is also stepped haircut in which the hair framing the face, hair cut short, and the length is usually left unchanged. As the cascade, it has several options for performance. For example, an imitation of a penalty, made the front, while the fall on the shoulders of long tresses. This option is very well combined with a bang - a ragged, oblique or classic straight.


Cascade - haircut on long hair, for which face shape and hair type does not matter. It is characterized by a stepped transition from the head to the hair ends. Different variations of this hairstyle allow a smooth transition to turn into something completely new. Asymmetric torn strands, classic lines - a variety of variations make it particularly popular. In addition, the cascade - a hairstyle long hair - almost no problems during installation. No matter how you decide to lay the strand, in any case, this hairstyle does not lose its shape. A very well be combined with a fringe of different lengths with straight hair.

Cascade - haircut on long hair or what hair style will never go out of fashion


This haircut in a retro style, which is again in vogue. Bob-bob is successfully combined with any type of hair, allowing you to make thin strands of volume. In addition, it is best suited for the chubby ladies, visually elongating the shape of the face. It goes well with any bangs. And what is even more remarkable - lends itself to any installation. You can create curls to straight hair using special mousses and hair dryers with nozzles. You can, on the contrary, to straighten the strands, creating the classic image in the style of the distant 60s.

The asymmetry of

The most popular form of today hairstyles long straight hair. Asymmetrical hairstyles will highlight their possessor from the environment and will reflect her personality. You can make a ragged strands of hair over the entire length, or, conversely, to shorten the only ones that frame the face. You can make the asymmetric "cap", in which one side is shorter than the other. Or you can split hairs on side parting and curl the ends.

Cascade - haircut on long hair or what hair style will never go out of fashion

It is best to give in asymmetry cascade haircut on long hair, allowing any fantasy. Conclusion

It should be noted that all of these hairstyles are very well stacked and allow you to collect hair in a ponytail, knot, plait or braid fashionable now. For example, styling haircut cascade did not make any problems for his mistress. Tie your hair in a ponytail or make a beautiful evening hairstyle - the choice will depend only on herself. So do not particularly worry about it, because it's not men's hair styling, where it is important to emphasize the severity of lines.