Beer around the world: how to drink properly, wherever you turned

Beer - one of the most popular beverages in the world. And this is exactly the case when it is not ashamed to be part of the crowd. His loved and appreciated in all corners of the globe, but in each country, their favorite varieties, traditions and history of beer. Get acquainted with the most interesting beer nations of the world

Beer around the world: how to drink properly, wherever you turned


Beer around the world: how to drink properly, wherever you turned

What to Drink: Guinness. Guinness - it is best that you can find in Ireland, maybe with the exception of Jameson whiskey. Producing from the middle of the XVIII century, the last 40 years, Guinness is gradually losing its audience, but still remains the most popular beer in the country. Ireland was the only country in the world where most of the beer - it is top-fermented beer (stout and ale), it produced annually in the amount of six million hectoliters (compared to other Irish breweries poured 45 000 hectoliters per year).

The snack: In these Irish pubs have especially been taken, then to drink. A lot of. Fun and provocatively, or conversely, sad and thoughtful. Snacks are very simple and are good men: colcannon - a mixture of cabbage, onions and potatoes, which is served with sausages or bacon. Mixed coddle - boiled sausages and bacon. If you want something simpler, you can do simple fried onion rings.

Traditions: For Irish drinking heavily entrenched glory of the nation, besides, they do not mind a fight. But neither thousands of pints of beer or a hundred blows directly on the head can not be knocked out of their rich traditions that they keep a very long time.

St. Patrick's Day - this is a purely religious holiday, but it has long since turned into a global day of Irish culture. On this day, all over the world marching drunk, very drunk people dressed as leprechauns fairy, dressed in green and orange colors, sing rollicking songs and having fun in every way. By the way, the shortest parade on St. Patrick's Day is held in the small town dripsey in County Cork in Ireland, its distance is 90 meters and laid it rovnehonko between two pubs. Special traditions associated with Guinness. A pint of stout should get to the customer for the canonical 119, 5 seconds after the order. First, it is poured into a 45 degree angle just above the brand mark (about 3/4 cup total) and give Stout "rest" so that he could get enough color and taste, until the foam rises. This process is finished when he has a "bishop's collar" (cap of cream-colored foam). After that, the glass topped up to the brim, to foam slightly rose above them. Correct Guinness fed at a temperature of 6 degrees Celsius.

What yelling Sleynte! (Sláinte!).

From what drink: beaker pint (0, 57 l) (Pint glass).

Such glasses are traditional for English-speaking countries using the English system of measures, where the pint - the most intuitive and simple way of measuring the volume of liquids. Well, that is not 0, 47!

United Kingdom

Beer around the world: how to drink properly, wherever you turned

What to drink: Beer in the UK a lot, and it is different. Here and English ales and stouts, and famous Irish Guinness, and all sorts of red ales, porters, IPA, and bitters. In Britain actively reviving interest in traditional ale; Today Albion brewery produces more than 2,000 varieties of the ale. With the selection of beers will be no problems here. Famous brand: Newcastle Brown Ale, Bombardier, Spitfire, Pedigree, Hobgoblin.

The snack: But not very kitchen. Oatmeal and pudding are poorly suited to the beer. Will drop slightly better Fish and chips, pie kidney, "Toad in a hole" (that's sausage in pastry or pudding, and not what you think). Well, you can always find a nice juicy steak with mashed potatoes and some dishes with the ubiquitous curry.

Traditions: Thousands of songs are sung about the Saturday night in the pub. Millions of Britons can not be wrong. This is the best day of the week! Go on a Saturday evening at their favorite pub and have a few pints of beer in good company - this is the main British pub tradition. But there is also a football (although there are also playing rugby), but where are the fans spend time before and after the match? Of course, in the pub! So with the traditions of everything is simple: drink beer as much as possible and as often as possible and you'll be olroyt! There are a lot of stupid rumors that the British drink warm beer and stale. In fact, this is not so, but they are very fond of traditional Cask Ale. This el not subjected to additional carbonating and applied at normal outdoor temperature (12-13 degrees). It really is a traditional British drink, it is worth a try!

That shout: "Cheers!" (Cheers!).

From what drink: beaker pint (0, 57 l) (Pint glass).


Beer around the world: how to drink properly, wherever you turned

What to drink: Germany - is virtually the birthplace of beer. It is here that came up with lager and wheat beer, which has become popular all over the world. In Germany, hundreds of different varieties, among which the most popular are: side eisbocks, Pilsner, various Weissbier and so on. Germans love beer and they know a lot about it. Well-known brands: Spaten, Krombacher, Oettinger, Paulaner, Becks, Holsten.

The snack: The most popular beer snack - the famous German sausages. In different regions they are prepared in different ways, but one thing remains unchanged - it is delicious, greasy, nourishing food.

Tradition: Beer - the most important part of the German national culture, the apotheosis of which is, of course, the Oktoberfest, where people come from around the world to drink a tasty beer and plenty enough of busty bavarok. But the most famous German beer tradition, is a "beer purity law", which operated for over 500 years. It was called "Reinheitsgebot" (Reinheitsgebot) and regulate the composition of beer, which was to include only three ingredients: water, barley malt, hops. Until now, many people think that only a beer and can be called beer.

Order a beer in Germany is very easy! Just catch their eye waitress passionate eyes, and she immediately will understand you. This is not love at first sight, it is the love of beer. Do not forget to pick up the right number of fingers that she realized how much beer you bring.

That shout: "prose!" (Prost!). From what drink: Mug MS (1L) (Maß).

Metal cover on the latch that closes the traditional German beer mug Mass, appeared in medieval Europe. In the XV century it was invented to protect the precious beer from bacilli rampant throughout the bubonic plague.


Beer around the world: how to drink properly, wherever you turned

What to drink: In Italy dominate lighter grades, a variety of lagers and Pilsner, but in recent years become a popular red ale (Rossa), side and dark beer has a bright malty flavor. Famous brand: Peroni, Moretti.

The snack: We are all familiar with the traditional Italian food: pizza, pasta and risotto, but it is not what is beer snack. Very popular as snacks freshly prepared seafood with olive oil, lemon, oregano and chili. But more often than some special beer snacks Italians do not cook, because it is not very popular in this country.

Traditions: In Italy, the beer is used most often in the form of an aperitif before dinner, followed by a light snack. The wine still has a special place on the table, so rarely Italians drink more than two or three cups a divinely tasty beer, before moving on to their grape Burde. While the southern part of Italy, with its hot sea climate they would have to drastically increase the amount of beer consumed. Due to the hot climate of beer in Italy is usually served very cold, keep the neck, my friends!

Italy has already occurred, "kraft revolution", and fertile land gave birth Mediterranean dozens of worthy breweries, making all sorts of lager to stout and IPA. Separately be noted surprising Theo Musso from Piazza, sometimes called Jim Morrison brewing. They say he even specially plays music on the guitar for a beer, which is brewed in vats his small brewery. So hope for the development of the beer traditions in Italy is not dead, not all wine is absorbed soul. That shout: "Cheers!" Or "Chin-chin!" (Salute or Chin-chin!!).

From what drink: Small cups for aperitif (0, 2 L), or ordinary circles (0, 5 L).


Beer around the world: how to drink properly, wherever you turned

What to drink: In Brazil, the respect lighter beers, mainly lagers and Pilsner, straight from the tin and refreshing in the hot sun of the Southern Hemisphere. Famous brand: Brahma, Antarctica, Bohemia Escura.

The snack: Brazilians are big fans of meat and proud as they make a barbecue. Attention! Vital information! If the Brazilians will be asked if you liked their barbecue, you have to respond quickly and without hesitation: "Yes, very much! You make it much better Argentines ". If you find yourself in Argentina, do not forget to properly change the word order.

The most popular dish in Brazil is feijoada, which is made from black beans, dried meat, smoked sausage, pork, garlic, pepper and bay leaf. This dish is served in a deep dish with cassava flour and, if desired, with white rice. By feijoada served as sliced ​​oranges, cabbage and pepper sauce. In addition to the beer go perfectly farofy (cakes made from flour of cassava) and various steaks.

Traditions: The Brazilians love to hang out and have fun on any occasion: carnival, beach party or a barbecue in the backyard, but their understanding of the entertainment does not include hectoliters of alcohol absorption. Usually they drink two or three small glass of beer at a party, so that did not stop all night to entertain their seniority. If you're going to upset a full bottle of one after the other - the Brazilians you not understand - "Do not you have seniority?"

In Brazil, beer is served cold. Well very cold, somewhere around the freezing point. If your glass is not covered with frost on the outside, but inside not swim little pieces of ice, you can safely throw it straight into the face of the bartender.

Brazilians - friendly people, and they love to share. If you already joined the party - I am sure you will be treated to be sure, and beer and snacks and will expect from you the same. A large bottle of beer then let in a circle, so do with a plate of appetizers. But remember, this does not apply Signora! That shout: "Saudzhi!" (Saude!) Or "Chin-chin!" (Chin-chin!).

From what drink: small glass (0, 2 L) (Copo Americano).


Beer around the world: how to drink properly, wherever you turned

What to drink: The Mexicans prefer to camp in the American style, sometimes cooked corn (which is in excess), but the dark beer is also popular (eg Negra Modelo). Famous brand: Corona, Modelo.

The snack: Well, this is all right! Tacos, burritos with any fillings, karnitas, chips, nachos, tortilla ... all so good and spicy, just right for a beer. Of the more exotic - grilled beef head and chapulinos - fried grasshoppers in chili sauce.

Traditions: Maya in Mexico drinking beer long before the arrival of the Spaniards, so many beer traditions and rituals are rooted in the deep past. For example, beer is an integral part of the holiday "Day of the Dead", it is used as offerings to the pagan gods. Also on the small family altar in honor of deceased relatives, which are usually located in the backyard of the houses, you can often see a bottle of beer that sort, which is particularly loved the deceased.

There are three things without which Mexicans can not live. This lime, salt and chili. They shoved them in all that pretends to touch the lips of the Mexicans, and the beer is no exception. You definitely need to try "Micheladu"! This is a cool cocktail, which includes beer, tomato juice, salt, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, pepper, chilies and Tabasco! In general, such a real pub "Bloody Mary".

That shout: "Salud!" (Salud!).

What to drink: Right out of the bottle, at least - plastic cups (0, 2 L).


Beer around the world: how to drink properly, wherever you turned

What to drink: The Chinese drink mostly simple lager, often cooked rice. At the same time there is quite decent local varieties, such as Tsingtao, Harbin and new beer Snow. Foreign beers here a little, and find it is not very easy.

The snack: As a rule, the beer here accompanies any meal and very copious amounts. Roast duck, rice, noodles and dumplings are traditional - and many Chinese like to eat hearty and especially something with beer does not come up. Portions in Chinese restaurants are very big and cheap, one you do not eat so much. If you want exotic - that you will find it here in abundance - all these fried insects, fern shoots, mysterious seafood - all under the beer goes. Traditions: Like everything else in China, a joint meal and drinking beer surrounded by countless traditions and conventions. Beer Etiquette in China - not an empty phrase, here are some rules:

Never drink alone - it is indecent. Chinese people like toasts and loud clink, wait for the moment and then we drink.

Look into the eyes of someone who makes a toast in your honor, and vice versa. Distracted by a pretty waitress in such moments, it is not necessary.

Usually the one who invited you for dinner - pays you a beer. It's a great tradition.

If you want to show respect to a person by virtue of his superior posts, or simply age, bear in mind that when clink glasses with him, making sure your glass was slightly below it - it's very polite.

Once you have finished his glass of beer, flip it upside down - so you show your respect for his comrades - "I drank every last drop!".

Remains from the bottom of the bottle - the most valuable thing they poured himself a respected drinking companion to beer brought him good luck.

In China, very cheap beer, even with the significantly grown today the yuan against the ruble. The bottle will cost 25-30 rubles. But bear in mind that the alcohol content in the whole Chinese beer is quite low 3-4%, so even on a large feast will be difficult to get a drink.

And in China, actually the largest volume of the beer market, they outperform its nearest rival the US nearly doubled.

That shout: "Gan bei!" (Gan-bei!).

What to drink: a small glass of (0, 2n), or straight from the bottle.


Beer around the world: how to drink properly, wherever you turned

What to drink: Rice lager and different exotic varieties. Famous brand: Asahi, Sapporo, Kirin.

The snack: gedza dumplings with different fillings, vegetables in batter, fried chicken, soybeans. Oddly enough, such convenient land one bite somehow unpopular in the country of the rising sun as a beer snack.

Traditions: In Japan, is not accepted to pour himself. Usually, the principle is this: "I'll pour in your glass, you're mine", or one man pours beer for all cups. Hold the glass with both hands, as well as a bottle from which you pour. Japanese people consider you a polite and nice guy. In addition, it means that you're not going with his free hand to grasp at katana hanging on his belt, and cut down drinking buddies head. Safety first.

Japanese - great inventors, they have even invented a special machine to be placed on a normal liquid frozen beer foam like a machine for dispensing ice cream, which gives it an original look and cools at the same time!

That shout: "Kanpay!" (Kanpai!).

What to drink: The Japanese do not go the easy way. Then there are the self-foaming beer mugs and glasses in the form of an inverted Mount Fuji, and certain circles in the form of Pikachu. But drink all the same, they prefer from small cups or simply bottles.

Czech Republic

Beer around the world: how to drink properly, wherever you turned

What to drink: The Czech Republic is one of the great brewing nations. Then cook the famous varieties such as the Krusovice, Staropramen, Velkopopovicky Kozel and the world-famous Pilsner Urquell (currently the world's first light beer, created in the middle of the XIX century in the town of Pilsen). It was in the Czech Republic in the fields near the town of Zatec grow the most valuable kinds of hops, it is here that cutting invented beer, beer is brewed is best here. Even proud Bavarians are coming to the Czech Republic to eat beer. Czech Republic - the beer country in the world, statistics show that the average Czech (including babies, pregnant women and elderly people) drinks 160 liters of beer every year. This is a world record.

The snack: Beer, as we know, nothing is better to have a snack, in order to fully enjoy its taste. But the Czechs like to eat, and if you combine just two pleasant process, it becomes quite good. By "pivechko" best go, "utopentsy" (marinated shpikachki), "bramboraki" (Czech analogue of potato pancakes), "nakladani Hermelin" (marinated cheese with hot pepper and garlic), all sorts of pickled cabbage with dumplings and "veprevo knee" ( baked pork leg) as the heavy artillery. Tradition: the tradition of the Czech Beer traced its roots back to the XI century. The first record of the brewery in Bohemia is found in the annals of 1087. First beer was brewed only monks, but when it was not enough, to the point and joined the knights and noble gentry. Even it had to issue a special decree "beer mile rule", by which the brewery could not be located less than a mile from each other.

In the Czech Republic there is even a kind of beer etiquette, according to which, for example, the first in the beer should be part man. It is not a lack of respect for the woman, but exactly the opposite. In harsher times, first entered into the forehead risked flying cup, chair, or other weapons tavern brawl, and women should be protected from such troubles.

Going to the pub, made greeting (even if you're a rich tourist). Tell me in the direction of the bar "Dobry den". And leaving, if you have control of their tongues, mumbled "Dekueme, naskhledanou". Maybe this politeness will not get a mug on the head of the bartender.

When your table will approach the waiter, he first asks "Beer?", And when you're close to the devastation of their clubs, without asking, to bring you the latest. This is normal. Why once again to trouble themselves with unnecessary talk, if you come to have a drink and relax? If you feel that another beer would be superfluous, cover the mug coasters, and the waiter will understand that enough to you.

The Czech Republic is generally just the first clink a glass, and then bob them on the table - this is called "ground".

If you're in Prague, be sure to visit the oldest pub "U Fleků" - is a treasure trove of Czech beer traditions and the unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

What yelling on sound! (Na zdraví!).

From what drink: mug or glass (0, 5 L).


Beer around the world: how to drink properly, wherever you turned

What to drink: In Russia, drinking mostly light lager beer: lagers and Pilsner different varieties. If desired, you can find almost all varieties - for that there are specialized shops and pubs, long strides moving forward and crafting domestic brewing, trying to instill a culture of beer consumption at least in major cities. But most of the beer kind you get in the average tavern somewhere in the provinces is something only vaguely resembling it in taste. Russia is known beers in the world a unique sort of "Russian Imperial Stout." Legend has it that Peter I, being in Europe, addicted to the porter and ordered from British brewers big party back home in St. Petersburg. But the road has deteriorated beer, and then the British, in order not to offend the Russian emperor sent a new, significantly increasing the alcohol content and bitter hops to the beer stand the long and cold sea route to Russia. And there was a "Russian Imperial Stout," which later became a boil, and in Russia on the direct orders of the successor of Peter Catherine II (by the way, is also a great lover of beer).

The snack: In Russia, a snack made abundant and delicious. Dried and salted fish-susheno (roach, roach), herring, dried squid, salted crackers, chips, pickled cheese (suluguni chechil). I personally already drool flowing. Under the beer is all, and often much better than without it.

Traditions: You know, every year we go with friends on December 31 at the bath ... All traditions of consumption of alcoholic beverages in Russia is simply impossible to list. But here's the only beer traditions and not fixed for years to come.

Leading position on the domestic front, the alcohol still holds vodka. Still normal in our country is considered to be drinking beer on the go directly from the bottle, preventing it from other beverages (sometimes directly in the glass, preparing the famous cocktail "Ruff"), and use "demidrolennoe" beer discos. What? Just to give on the brain. Beer gatherings schoolchildren on the entrances and kitchen meeting old friends is hardly a real tradition.

But another tradition there really is - traditionally beer in Russia is considered to be a good cure for a hangover, and, indeed, it is perfectly correct health in the morning.

That shout: "Cheers" (! Na zdorov'e), "Cheers!" (Boodem zdorovi!)

What to drink: a mug, glass bottle, three-liter jar, poltorashka, "balloon", "tit", any container of all possible colors and volumes.