We make a protein shake for muscle growth

People go to the gym usually have one of two purposes: either to lose weight and tighten your body, or gain muscle mass. Both the first and the second required considerable effort and time on a person. With regard to building muscle, there is your diet is necessary to enrich the techniques of protein shakes. This article provides a detailed analysis of what the protein shake for muscle growth, as it is to do and when to drink.

We make a protein shake for muscle growth

Extra power

Protein cocktail - protein content of the mixture is directed to the rapid absorption of nutrients by the body, bulking muscle. Typically, these drinks are devoid of any fat content. When you exercise you can perform extreme loads, but does not achieve the desired muscle growth. This is justified by the lack of protein in the diet. Without the right amount of protein muscles begin to produce it from themselves. It is therefore very important to pay attention to your diet. Protein shake for muscle growth needs to be used as an additional source of energy for the organism, do not replace normal food intake data beverage.

We make a protein shake for muscle growth

The ingredients and their ratio

Shakes to build muscle are always made from several ingredients. Most often, this time with yogurt, milk, water or natural juice. This so-called "base" of the beverage. You just need to decide on what more than is necessary for the soul: dairy base or something sweeter (apricot juice, for example). Keep in mind, in dairy products contain protein, so their use in protein shake gives you a huge advantage. After the base cocktail chosen to begin to adding to it the following ingredients: chicken eggs (5-6 pieces), cheese (fat-free, 25 grams per 100 ml of beverage), fruit (bananas, apples, oranges, mandarins), and of optional honey. Eggs and cheese in this case are the basis of the protein, fruits and honey, in turn, increase the caloric content of the drink. If we add to this drink a spoonful of olive oil, then the body will get the necessary omega-3 fatty acids promote the growth of muscle mass. Protein shakes to build muscle, in addition to protein, contain carbohydrates, which give the body energy. Experiment!

No need every day to take the same drink. Taste quickly pall and tired. In this case it is important to diversity. Turn on your imagination and replace some ingredients and get a new superior taste. Here's a couple examples of how you can reinvent the protein shake for muscle growth:

We make a protein shake for muscle growth
  • The glass of juice or milk, a volume of 230 milliliters. Add to it a teaspoon of amino acids, apple straight from the tin and a few strawberries. All whisk in a blender until smooth.
  • 1 egg, 1 cup of yogurt, a spoon of honey and the same amount of walnuts (crushed). Put everything in a blender and whisk.
  • 100-130 grams of cheese, cherry juice (100 ml), 1 egg and sugar spoon. Beat.

This is only a hundredth part of what you can think of! And this is good protein shake for muscle growth - here you can change the food composition of the drink, always bringing him something new.