Rules of Life Pierce Brosnan

• Rules of Life Pierce Brosnan

Rules of Life Pierce Brosnan


I have such a rich life, I'm always nervous. We Irish are accustomed to, that things can go awry.

MY THEATER debut in five years. Then I was an altar boy in the church.

As a child I was alone. Father left us, my mother went to London to work, but every time you came to visit me with money and presents. Of no one in our city was not. Once brought a tiny projector for filmstrips - there were only four slides, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto. In their remarks, I learned to read. Lying on his bed, separated from the room with residents of the green curtain, and the light projector on the ceiling. Not that I then wanted to become an actor, I just started to work the imagination.

Education - is not the result but a process.

School I quit when I was fifteen. I felt completely useless and uneducated. And I still sometimes are lacking in education.

MOTHER HOW-gave me a pair of boxing gloves. I really like those loved boxing. They at me are still preserved, are in the closet, the old, worn - I always them very shore.

If I Poder in the bar, this is a pretty pitiful sight, a real comedy.

I discussed the role of Batman with Tim Burton. But I just could not take it seriously: the person who wears shorts over trousers, it is impossible to take seriously. Thieves love to play.

I think that if Roman Polanski asked me to play in a film based on the phone book, I would have immediately agreed.

For almost ten years, since 1986, no matter where I go, people are telling me: you would come out of a great James Bond! Not you going to play Bond? You would be, you should have, you could. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. As if it was some of my unfinished business. When it's time to give up, I could not.

When people are in love with you do not believe you need to believe in themselves.

I once noticed that all the MOST POWERFUL ACTORS about the same height. And I really wanted to become at least a little lower, so that the talent was more.

I tried to humanize Bond. Make it real and understandable for himself. When you play a character with such a fucking train of images, with the mythology, you need to go into the ring and win. We Connery Bond was a little sadist: he killed the enemy and all that. Well I do not know. I am a bigger heart.

PEOPLE, gain power, very often do not understand what they do. They simply keepers, and I was terribly angry. Because in the end, our children are forced to watch a shitty movie.

SOONER OR LATER POLICY still find you.

WORLD WITHOUT WHALES. I can not imagine such a horror.

DEAF KIT - dead whale. This is one scientist he said. Why do whales and dolphins are having to cope with the sounds that lead to three and a half million cases of hearing loss? For species that rely on hearing to find food, to migrate and communicate with each other, it is a real disaster. Some people think that I EXCELLENT sing. Basically, these people sit on powerful drugs, and on the street they are not particularly produce.

At the height of the punk movement, I lived in South London. My apartment was packed with punks. But sooner or later there comes a time when you fall out of this life, and in general have ceased to understand what is happening around. Now I have just such a time. Sometimes I think, "Damn, I do not know what's going on in the music." But the main thing here is not to bathe: at some time anyway to come across some Coltrane, whom read a lot of things, but never really listened.

IN LIFE each case a whole bunch of funny.

GLORY - a great temptation. But it can at one moment to turn around and bite you for your ass.

HUMILIATION - IT infect. One of the most painful feelings accessible to man. When you lose yourself.

I'm the guy who believes that they need in the life of a strong woman.

I LOVE ukulele.