Facial massage anti-wrinkle - stop time with their hands

Can I stop being myself? Perhaps, many will answer in the negative, because the time machine exists only in science fiction films. But this answer is incorrect. Possibly stop aging completely, we have not yet learned, and the Philosopher's Stone did not invent, but by way of creams, special cosmetic and massage can be a beautiful and remove wrinkles on the face.

Facial massage anti-wrinkle - stop time with their hands

What is useful against facial wrinkles?

Since ancient times it is known that special massages improve health, muscles, tone the skin. Now there are plenty of them: Thai, using needles, massage, healing stones, therapeutic and preventive and, of course, facial wrinkle. It is the latter helps to smooth facial wrinkles, restore the skin a nice glow and elasticity. Using fingers impact on certain points blood and nutrients to actively enter the topsheet activating activity of the sebaceous glands. Thus, with regular exposure to the skin can not only stop the clock, but also to reverse it. Fine lines on the face disappear and the deeper become less expressive. Even the best wrinkle cream will not bring such an effect. This fact is proved by many ladies. Facial massage anti-wrinkle - stop time with their hands

How to do facial massage against wrinkles?

Firstly, it should be noted that such therapy - the best care for sensitive skin. This will help her to recover and withstand external shocks.

1. So, the first rule - moisturizing. Before making a facial massage anti-wrinkle, it is necessary to clean and moisturize the skin. For oily type use an appropriate cream. You can use cream instead of olive oil, grape seed oil, wheat germ, or the most popular - almond. It is the latter, not only soothe the skin, but also softens. It will help to smooth out wrinkles and give the skin a beautiful, even faded and healthy appearance. As a remedy, you can add a few drops of essential oils. For example, in order to smooth out wrinkles, ideal pine essential oil or ylang-ylang. Take a base (for example, oil peach pits or almond) and add one to three drops of essential oil. Stir and apply to the skin.

2. Use your fingertips to gently begin to massage. Move at a slow pace, do not rush and do not push too hard. Start facial wrinkle with the nose. Neat circular motion clockwise to move in the direction of the forehead. The left hand should massage the left and the right, respectively, right. A smooth transition to the cheeks and chin. 3. Next, pay special attention to the skin around the eyes. Drumming lightly on both hands massage the sensitive area. Be careful, because this part of the face the most delicate. Do not stretch the skin around the eyes. Close your eyelids and gently massage the top of the make, going up to the eyebrows.

Facial massage anti-wrinkle - stop time with their hands

4. Then drumming movements pushechek fingers go to the nose area of ​​the cheeks. Go back to the skin on the forehead.

5. The final stage - a pat. Such an exercise would facilitate the flow of blood to the face. Lightly pat the cheeks, chin, and upper part of the face palms. You should feel that the cream (or oil) is well absorbed.


It is this anti-wrinkle facial massage is the perfect way to recover the skin elasticity and freshness.