Hairstyle "square" - the story of the emergence and modern types of haircuts

Hairstyle "square" is in vogue for many years. Because this haircut is geometrically simple, it was used in ancient times many peoples. Such haircuts worn by men in the Slavic tribes, some of the Indians of North America.

Hairstyle "square" in ancient times

Everyone knows the popularity of this hairstyle in ancient Egypt.


It is made rich and poor, men and women. There are so many images of the ancient Egyptians, which you can see the features of the Egyptian squares. It is always straight bangs, thick enough, the rest of her hair was cut geometrically flat, in a straight line. In the Middle Ages was very fashionable haircut like "long square". It was worn by men, hair length reaches to his shoulders. Currently, this technology lies at the heart of many fashionable hairstyles (eg, Bob). Modern square can be both with a bang, or without it. Also, different hair length allowed.


It can be very short bob - it is called "square on the leg." Features include the highly cropped head and slightly oblique hairline side. This haircut is also possible with straight bangs and without it. Various types of haircuts "quads" are now making themselves both men and women. There are so many variations. Hairstyle "square" is universal. Using a variety of solutions, you can hide some flaws appearance and emphasize the best features. What are the types of haircuts "square" will suit your face type

It is necessary to take into account some special features.


1. If a person type of triangle, do bulk haircut "square" with a bang. This will smooth the corners, as strands of hair will tuck inside. Mowing will look like a balloon. Hair length of a person must be below the chin.

2. If a round face, choose a ragged square (it is called a graded). The tips of the strands are cut in a special way, forming a rough brush. Hair will gradually shift from high-volume to the top of the thin tip from a person who is visually hiding its roundness.

3. In general the lower part of the face (square shape) looks good hairstyle elongated "squares." It is also recommended in this case to make a side parting with oblique fringe. For this type of person is absolutely not a short cut approach.

4. Too high brow will hide a thick straight bangs and long face visually reduce the length of the hair below the chin.

5. If the facial features are small, need to do a short volume haircut "quads". Option "on the leg" will create the right in this case the amount. 6. Long neck close haircut "square" up to the shoulders. This is a very good option.

7. Women are not such a young age is very graded strands. It gives a fresh and youthful enthusiasm.


Styling for "bob" hairstyle is not very difficult. It is enough to have at hand dryer and a round hairbrush. For complex variants of this shearing also use special tools - foam, mousse, a wax. Dried hair, combing them, and giving the direction of the tips inside. To beautifully laid graduated bob, use cosmetic wax. It is applied to the tips of the strands, paying special attention to bang.