Rules of Life Jeremy Irons

• Rules of Life Jeremy Irons

Rules of Life Jeremy Irons

None of my films are not earn a lot of money.

It is certain that my name is not pronounced "Irons" - it's too much and too many American metal. In England we say "Ayons" because we are too lazy to utter all these "eras".

FILM INDUSTRY IN HOLLYWOOD LONG AGO Head of Accounting, and everything is very simple: every actor goes into their computers under its own number. They look in the column "Jeremy Irons" and it says how many earned my last five movies. Suppose they want to make a film for $ 20 million, which is relatively little. And if Jeremy, they were counted, according to our data, it is necessary to give 9 million, and the director - five, then all the rest will go to the lead female role. So now and castings.

I am never satisfied with his work. I think that if all of a sudden one day I feel satisfaction, it would mean that I'm dead.

Easy to be charismatic, when all around you make-up artists, costume designers, lighting and film director, who selects only the best takes.

Being an actor is much easier than to live a normal life. You know, where is the script, but you do not know where life leads.

The bad guys have always been far from my understanding, and so I was so drawn to him as an actor. It's like asking yourself, "Where would I go on vacation?" To go to a nearby town that I know inside and out? Or go somewhere where I've never been? The answer is obvious: of course, I want to see something new. That's why I was so attracted characters that are beyond my understanding and experience.

The actor has one giant advantage over most people - they are able to compare and contrast. It teaches them work. Emotional person VERY EASY RANIT words. And the actors, alas, too emotional.

I have a diary in which I write little quotes. They are intended to remind me of who I am. This blog has an entry: "To live outside the law you must be a godly man." And I really do not like the laws. But I am sure that even if you do not like the laws, you are bound to obey their domestic laws and to keep its internal code of honor. And neither one nor the other does not mean that you have the right to disturb the peace of others.

I want to live in a world where I can be myself, where I can do what I want, where I did not disturb the other, and where no one bothers me.

I used to think that in his fifty-something years, I will buy a big yacht and go with your friends in a three-year trip around the world.

When I go out in the SEA ONE, I get very nervous, because I know how many things can go wrong as soon as you set sail from the coast. The sea always makes you humble.

I LIKE UNEXPECTED small pleasures, and the weather in Ireland from time to time their throws. I like to just wake up in the morning and see that the window clear day. Here in Ireland, it is a rare treat.

A luxury for me - it is an opportunity to get something that I can not afford the time; something to which I can not get used to, but what I do not wish to stop.

Luxury - it is the contrast. Take a drink. From time to time I drink whiskey. For example, this morning I drank a great whiskey and thought, yes, it was fine. But if I was drinking all the time, the whiskey has ceased to be a luxury for me.

YOUR FIRST WHISKEY I tried AS WHISKEY-MAC (a cocktail of whiskey and ginger wine -. Esquire). My parents were educated people. As a child - on Sundays, when they drink before dinner - they allowed me to have a drink with them polstakanchika sherry, and then, as I remember, we went to a whiskey-poppy. And to this day it is one of my favorite cocktails. Going on a hunt, I always take the FLASK Whiskey Mac. He invigorates you, warms to the very soul and makes you what an empty whiskey will do ever - gives courage and confidence, but not insane.

I do not like new things, and I do not like the city. I fucking redneck. But when I'm in the city, I am often shocked by the scale of the place and the fact that someone who knows far more than I, and dreaming bigger.

Each of us has its own time machine. Some are willing to send us back, and they're called memories. Some are willing to send us forward, they're called dreams.

I'm incredibly lucky, and I think it's because I realized very early that it was necessary for me. And I think that has always sought to ensure that there is true value. It seems to me wrong to strive for things whose value is questionable - to glory, to wealth or to victory. While winning can be very exciting.

I will not tire of repeating words of Tom Stoppard's "Glory - it's when you know more people than you know."

NEED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO ACCEPT the idea that people did not necessarily agree with you. They do not even have to listen to you.

I'm damn complicated man, and my wife too damn complicated. It is very difficult to live together, although all marriages are the same - pretty darn easy. But every time you overcome the contradictions, the relationship becomes stronger.

Actors often behave like children, so many keep them for children. But I want to grow up!

I would love to mankind No one simple question: "What we really have a future?" Because it seems to me, we do not have it, but people are afraid to think about it. Do I still have some optimism REGARDING HUMANITY, as people are extremely persistent in matters of survival. But I think that before all will be well, all will be very bad.

It is quite obvious that at the end of the path on which we are going, is totalitarianism.

I'm not sure that all need something to ban. I think we all just need to be polite and considerate to each other.

I do not believe in hard work. If something is given to you - leave it. If destined, let him come by itself. Just let it happen.

If the game of darts, pick on the board the correct number. Make sure that it is you and it is necessary, and then methane.

MY HANDS? My hands serve me in good stead. They are good gardeners, good workers, they play a little piano and a little - the guitar. Yes, I was really broke his thumb when skied, but perhaps if we leave that aside, I am satisfied with their hands full.

I sing as an actor and dance like a duck.

DESERT long overdue is covered with solar panels.