Fashion Nails short nails at home. Recent trends in 2013

Fashion trends in the world of nails art 2013 can be characterized by the desire for maximum naturalness and femininity. While excessively long artificial (helium and acrylic) nails, even a beautifully decorated, it has passed. Currently, girls and women with manicured except that puzzling, but certainly not joy. The main trend in 2013 - short nails painted in a variety of shades.

Fashion Nails short nails at home. Recent trends in 2013

Current manicure for short nails at home

Plain coating. Fashionable nail polish shades for

- bright, juicy and acidic color (neon): blue, yellow, lemon, green, orange, raspberry;

- pastel colors: mint, pink, beige;

- classic: red, white, black.

The most popular nail design to

- Classic French manicure. The only thing: this season the color combination to cover the free edge of the nail and the base color can be anything, even diametrically opposed.

- Rainbow - Color each nail a different color.

- opposite French, moon manicure - in this case emit an upper, lighter semicircular part of the plate resembling a young moon.

- Floral motifs can rightly be called the leader of this year, as they are present in almost every direction fashion: clothing, footwear, accessories, nail design, and so on. To carry out such a manicure on short nails yourself is quite difficult at home, but as an alternative, you can use stickers. - geometrical pattern: dots, vertical lines, squares and so on.

Fashion Nails short nails at home. Recent trends in 2013

Tips for decorating short nails

The first thing I would like to say - any hand require careful maintenance and constant attention. To learn how to make a fashion manicure for short nails, we'll talk later, and now about women's secrets:

  • to visually pull the nail, use the vertical pattern;
  • for the long fingers of the ideal form - square, for all others - almond;
  • Do not use massive decorations in the form of stones or applications - on short nails it will look vulgar;
  • do not be afraid to seem funny - use a variety of funny pictures of cherries, apples, hearts, etc. They look great on a length...
Fashion Nails short nails at home. Recent trends in 2013

Manicure on short nails at home: a step by step guide

Modern men and women strive for excellence, but by no means all of their financial situation allows weekly service at the manicurist. Do not despair, as in the procedure of nail care there is absolutely nothing complicated. Consider popular in Europe edging (without removing the cuticle) nail polish on short nails at home. Materials

  • container with warm water;
  • sea salt;
  • instruments (nail scissors, pusher or a special wooden stick, and two nail files);
  • peeling hand;
  • hand cream;
  • oil for cuticles.

The process nail care

  1. Start necessary with the length of the alignment. Use scissors to cut the nails. Then you need to give them the desired shape and get rid of angles using a nail file.
  2. In a container with warm water and add salt.
  3. Immerse the right hand (for right-handers) or left hand (left-handed) into the prepared container. Why so? This sequence is explained by the fact that the care action of nails on the active hand will take longer, but initially you have much more patience.
  4. Take out your fingers, pat the towel and treat each nail one by one: move the cuticle in the opposite direction of growth and clean the free edge of the contamination.
  5. Take the same actions with the other hand.
  6. Now, take a nail file to polish (it usually contains at least two different degrees of hardness) and walk on the surface of the first stiffer side, and then the one that is softer.
  7. Wet your fingers in water and wipe with a cloth.
  8. Use an exfoliating hand according to the instructions.
  9. Apply a soothing cream.
  10. Degrease the nail plate with an alcohol, apply a base coat, and then create the desired design and spray spray for speedy drying lacquer.
  11. In the area of ​​the cuticle, apply nourishing oil. It will slow down its growth.

Male manicure at home

Working with male hands and nails done according to the steps described above, except for the last item. For men not necessarily cover the nails luster, but if desired can. In my view, thus achieving a more aesthetic appearance. To summarize, I would say that even if you do not get a manicure on short nails at home from the first time, do not despair! Professionalism and speed come with experience.