The most effective exercises to lose weight at home

This article contains a simple but effective exercise for weight loss, which will help you create an attractive silhouette. The fight against obesity must involve not only the diet and giving up bad habits, but also training. Naturally, a few trips to the gym will not be able to turn your body into an ideal, but regular classes will gradually lead you to your goal. Even at home, you can perform effective exercises to lose weight, not forgetting, of course, nutrition.

The most effective exercises to lose weight at home

A set of exercises

  1. Well proven usual brisk walking with weighting. You can pick up a dumbbell or wear special bags with sand on your feet (which is much more effective). To get started, simply 5-10 minutes of aerobic exercise such, but later add jogging for a few minutes.
  2. push-ups. Of course, each of us since childhood knows that exercise, but for some reason very few people perform. In this case, the load that is provided during training, is large enough for slimming hands, pumping the chest and back. To properly perform push-ups, ask someone to monitor you. Dropping to the floor, you can not pull your head down or lift up the thigh.
  3. The most effective exercises to lose weight at home

    of the chest, shoulders and arms will put in order these effective exercises for weight loss, as "Butterfly", which translates as "butterfly". Right arms in front of and slowly spread them apart, and then back again. Suffice it to 10-12 reps and multiple approaches.

  4. In order to reduce waist size, it is desirable to regularly perform effective exercises for quick weight loss aimed precisely at this part of the body. Use the hoop, beauty treatments in the form of wraps and training. Obliques can easily result in a tone like this: stand up straight, take a dumbbell, dropping them along the body. Slowly tilt your body in one direction and then the other side.
  5. There is no better exercise than the squat for the gluteal muscles. Of course, the re-use dumbbells or a barbell - it depends on your level of training. Falling down, watch your posture. Your back should not slouch or bend. Also, do not crouch completely, because it is sufficient to form the thighs parallel with the floor line.
  6. Lunges with dumbbells. This is a very effective exercise for leg slimming. Standing straight and holding weights in the lowered hands, takes a step forward and squat until the knee almost touches the floor. Return to starting position and repeat the lunge, but with the other leg.
The most effective exercises to lose weight at home


We all know that to lose weight quick release enough strength training. It is desirable to periodically carry out aerobic exercise. In addition, as you increase your endurance and improve the cardiovascular system. The above are effective exercises for weight loss, in addition to which should introduce jogging, cycling or just a more active lifestyle. Combining these exercises with proper nutrition and beauty treatments, after a while you will see in its shape significant changes.