How to strengthen your nails at home, using the means available

How to strengthen your nails at home?

Many reasons can affect the condition of nails. By their excessive fragility lead to health problems, constant stress, pregnancy, poor environment. Many women and girls are concerned about strengthening the nail plate. In this article you will learn a few guidelines that will help you strengthen your nails at home quickly and inexpensively.

How to strengthen your nails at home, using the means available

An excellent tool for this is the pharmacy of vitamins A and E. In order to maintain the health of the nail plate, as well as the entire body need to constantly eat foods containing these vitamins in food or use pharmacy drugs. In order to make your nails look perfect, most experts advise to avoid contact with detergents. To protect your hands to use rubber gloves, and then the question is "how to strengthen nails at home" may simply not occur.

How to strengthen the nails folk remedies?

Many women are turning to specialized salons for solving this problem. And in order to strengthen your nails at home, refer to the recipes that have been tested for many years by generations of girls and women. If you do not know how to strengthen the nails at home, follow one or more of the tips below. The most common way is to polish the bath. In a glass of water is necessary to dissolve the salt, it is best to sea. Baths should be done for 20 minutes during the week. The main requirement for this procedure - consistency: do not miss a day. After her nails should be lubricated cream.

How to strengthen your nails at home, using the means available

Miraculous lemon

It has long been known that the use of lemon beneficial effects on the nail plate. This tool can be combined with the trays. For example, in the morning you make bath for nails and evening lubricate nail platinum lemon. Among other things, such a procedure lighten the nail and make it look more aesthetically pleasing. Gelatin bath will help restore the former appearance of damaged and weakened nails. To do this in a glass of water to dissolve a little gelatin. The procedure is carried out for about 15 minutes, it is desirable to conduct three times a week. Very effective mask with red pepper. To make it, you need a small amount of hand cream (preferably oily) mixed with a little red pepper, apply the mixture on your nails for 10 minutes. Then hands should be thoroughly washed in warm water. This procedure is sufficient to carry out once a month. In addition to strengthening the nail plate, this mask stimulates intense growth of nails.

Berries in the

And are effective to polish mask using acidic fruit juice, such as cranberry or currant. This procedure must be done every day for a week, giving her 10-15 minutes. Miracle oil

How to strengthen your nails at home, using the means available

Experts recommend to pamper your nails a variety of oils and oil-containing products. If you are preparing a salad with olive oil - drip a drop on each nail and leave it for a while. The use of olive oil will make your nails resilient and they will be much less prone to breakage. It has long been proven that oil is good for the skin. You now have enough information to know how to strengthen your nails at home quickly and efficiently. You do not need to go to a salon and pay a lot of money - you can use natural products in the shortest time and at no cost by ensuring that your nails look irresistible!