Agua De Loewe - flavors of Spanish passion

A huge variety of flavors often leads to a desire to stand out and buy something special, unique. Women and men interested in niche (selective) fragrances and cosmetic products are not advertised in the media. One of these intriguing and unlike other flavors are Agua de Loewe fragrance. Spanish luxury and disobedience to representatives of the weak and the strong half of humanity won the love of the world.

"Leather" history

Agua De Loewe - flavors of Spanish passion

Mark Loewe has gained popularity not because of flavor. The main activity was leather accessories. It is their back in 1876 began producing Enrique Loeyve. A variety of bags, folders, cigarette cases and other products of the brand brought the title of best Spanish brand and made it the supplier of the royal court.

In the future, under the already well-known in many parts of the world the brand began to produce a collection of clothes and accessories. In Russia, the brand appeared only in 2007. It is headed by many designers that have already become known: Narciso Rodriguez, Stewart Wevers and others.

The first perfume masterpiece was released in 1972 - L de Loewe - Women's floral-chypre fragrance. We have our own brand perfumer Emilio Valeros, a real maestro and expert in his field. Unique fragrances hatch through rare and selective ingredients.

Women's fragrance

Agua De Loewe - flavors of Spanish passion

Perfume Agua de Loewe Ella for a gentle and beautiful half of humanity were released in 2009. Perfume composition specially created echoing with another product in this range. It doubles flavor - in addition to, and represented men. Agua de Loewe positioned as flavors for lovers, they are ideally suited to each other, without losing the individuality and brightness. The main advantages of eau de toilette for women are its originality and sophistication. Stylish design of a bottle with laconic forms conveys all the freshness and delicacy of its content. Aroma belongs to the family of soft oriental and is suitable for continuous use. He will be as relevant as in the working atmosphere, and in an informal atmosphere.

Women's perfume Agua de Loewe Ella consists of citrus, floral and woody notes. Magnificent bright combination gives a boost of energy from the first chords, revealed mild tenderness in the heart of the eastern and warmth in the loop. Top notes are full of juicy lemon and orange, bergamot and kumquat refreshing and incredibly attractive passion fruit. Gently and gradually reveals the central chords Agua de Loewe: delicate white water lily and, feminine rose and intriguing pepper notes. At the end of the composition - cedar, sandalwood and musk. They complement the created image softness and spontaneity.

The fragrance for a strong half

Agua De Loewe - flavors of Spanish passion

were pleased with the Spanish brand's and men's vibrant and multi-faceted toilet water Agua de Loewe El. Energizing composition for purposeful, charismatic and active individuals. The aroma from the first notes refreshing crystal clear spring water, astringent chords pomelo, bergamot, tangerine and Japanese yuzu.

In the heart hidden juicy green apple, pineapple and sunny ripe black currant. This whole set of ripe fruit and berries energizing and great mood for the whole day.

Base notes soften the flavor, making it a harmonious and memorable. Cedar, sandalwood and oak moss - the perfect completion of a wonderful perfume. In general, the aroma creates an image of a successful businessman and the man, it is suitable for use at any time of day and year, as well as for any age category.

Limited Collection

Agua De Loewe - flavors of Spanish passion

In addition to regular products in the line of Agua de Loewe often appear and aromas with a limited edition. Mark spoil their fans with seasonal novelties and unisex fragrances. They also win the love and devotion of fans of the Spanish perfumery.

For example, Agua de Loewe Cala d'Or - a glorious sunny fragrance for men and women. Eau de toilette is designed to give a sense of light and carefree summer atmosphere, relax and tune in a positive way.

This delicate citrus fragrance with pronounced notes of spices and sea chords. Opens its sound lemon and mint, bergamot and neroli in the heart reveals jasmine and rose and mandarin and ginger, completes the composition a combination of amber, musk, and tea.

It is also an excellent complement line became the fragrance Agua de Loewe Mediterraneo. Limited edition is dedicated to the Mediterranean and belongs to the family-flower water. The main notes are: neroli, lily of the valley, jasmine, vanilla and musk.