Highlights on dark hair - a special procedure

Weave hair - is not new, but still enjoys popular procedure at which the color of the individual strands. With the help of it you can give your hair a lighter shade, freshen up the main color, or create a new image. Highlights on the blonde hair - the procedure is simple and uncomplicated, but the highlights on black hair has a number of features, which we describe in this article. We hope that they will be very useful.

Highlights on dark hair - a special procedure

Stored balms

Before you close the strands colored in the desired color, with highlights on the procedure of black hair bleaching occurs strands. Such a painting meant increasingly resorting holders black dyed hair, whose structure is already rather damaged. Unfortunately, and highlights on dyed dark hair will not add to the beauty of health. Therefore it is necessary to consider such a step in advance and stock up means for hair care (reducing masks, balms, etc.). The shaded strands can be accessed using two coloring options: highlights using foils and special caps.

Highlights on dark hair - a special procedure

Methods melirovanija

In the first method, each dyed strand wrapped in foil, thereby preventing colored with the adjacent strands, which allows for maximum precision when painting. Highlighting to black hair second method involves the use of a special cap with a plurality of holes for locks. In addition to painting the strands, this procedure allows you to give extra volume to the hair. Black-haired girls often make brighter highlights. In an expensive salon for this procedure will be invited to the so-called "healthy streak". The essence of this is to use a gentle oxidizing agents that cause less damage to the hair structure and fill them with vitamins, thus giving flexibility and obedience. The cost of such highlighting is quite high, it is usually: • US highlighting;

• elyuminirovanie;

• Bio-lamination.


Highlights on dark hair - a special procedure

We will not go into the intricacies of these methods, since the subject is inexhaustible. Highlights on dark hair effectively helps to get rid of gray hair and refresh your hairstyle. Clarification on 2-3 tones gives the hair a hair effect, sun-bleached, and allows you to look natural and naturally. Highlights has several advantages due to the fact that you can:

• a short time to give the image of freshness;

• change the color of the individual strands of hair or area;

• use several light colors when painting;

• Use bright colors, creating a contrast with the image.

Masterpieces own hands

Girls often wonder: "Highlights - how to do at home?". To do this you need: comb, brush, foil bowl (non-metallic), gloves, barrettes, towel and lightening powder and oxidizer (depending on the desired result of 9% - 12%). Mix the powder and oxidizer. Hair share via pins into zones: side, top, occipital. Staining should start from the back of, comb separate the strands, place them on a foil and causes lightening composition throughout. Thereafter, the foil wrap and do the same with the other strands (from cervical part - to the center, then the hair side and at the rear end). After 15-45 minutes, we separate the foil and get streaked hair!