15 infinitely romantic quotes Bunin

• 15 infinitely romantic quotes Bunin

15 infinitely romantic quotes Bunin

Ivan Bunin - the first Russian writer and poet, was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1933, but we love him, not for it. Lyrics Bunin riddled with shades of feelings, emotions, and he will remain for us an expert in the realm of the senses.

We have collected for you the best quote Ivan, remain relevant to this day.

Most at risk of one who never in danger.

Vanity picks, true love does not choose.

Everything passes, but not all is forgotten.

Probably each of us there is some particularly precious loving memory of, or any particularly heavy loving sin.

Love makes the perfect attitude and the light in the everyday prose of life, rasshevelivaet noble instincts of the soul and does not become coarsened in the narrow materialism and grossly selfish animal.

"Yes, brother, female souls who languish forever some sad thirst for love and that from this by itself and no one ever loved."

What is the old Russian disease, this longing, this boredom, this razbalovannost - eternal hope that there will be some kind of a frog with a magic ring and will do everything for you: it is necessary to enter the porch and throw from one hand to the ring! Women are never so strong as when they arm weakness.

You know, there are so few happy meetings ...

Youth from all passes, and love - is another matter.

When someone you love, no power no one can make you believe that you can not love the one whom you love.

What a joy - there! Only to see, but to see only one that smoke and this light. If I did not have arms and legs and I could only sit on the bench and watch the setting sun, I would be happy with it. One need only - to see and breathe. Nothing gives such pleasure, as the colors ..

If the person has not lost the ability to wait for happiness - he is happy. This is happiness.

Human happiness is to desire nothing for themselves. Soul calms down and begins to find good where absolutely did not expect.

From year to year, day by day, secretly waiting for only one thing - a happy love meetings, live, in fact, only hope for this meeting ...