Perfect makeup: the emphasis on green eyes

Perfect makeup: the emphasis on green eyes The combination of eye color and skin

Choosing a color palette to create the perfect makeup, remember the importance of a combination of colors. That is the choice of make-up is necessary to consider not only the color of the eyes, but also the skin. As a general rule, holders of gray-green eyes are cold Description Ethnicity. Clean green eyes usually belong to the girls warm tsvetotipa. Only define its color accessory, you can go to the next stage - the selection of the ideal palette, which is the most advantageous way to emphasize green eyes.

The choice of color

Girl having green eyes, need to be based on warm shades of makeup. This is true not only of shadows, but blush and lipstick or lip gloss. For daily eye makeup ideal shade of gray-brown and peach tones. Visually enlarge the eyes help eyeliner or pencil chocolate brown or dark gray. If you prefer to set a daily make-up in front of bright accents, Draw the outer corner of the upper eyelid dark shade of brown shades.

Perfect makeup: the emphasis on green eyes

In the evening make-up green eyes get brightness when applying shadow gold, copper, plum, deep dark purple hues. To enhance the brightness of the image, use the suggested colors, but with the addition of metallic luster.

Refusal of color

Perfect makeup: the emphasis on green eyes We have dealt with the question of what shade suited to green eyes. But to warn you of the failed experiments, let's list the colors from which green-eyed beauties should be abandoned forever. This category immediately send the pink color. On the one hand, a dark purple-pink color with gray patches of brilliance to create the ideal transitions in shading shadows. With this makeup eyes get incredible depth of color that is visible even in photographs. However, it is inappropriate to cover the eyelid shade of pink as the eyes at the time of start to look tired and tearful. Blue palette of shadows green-eyed girls should fear like the plague. There are no exceptions: all the cool shades of blue (from light blue to dark blue) is not created for you. Remember this rule and never break! Owners of green eyes should be left alone and all shades of silver. There is also no exception. Just go around the side of the color, and you save yourself from possible mistakes when creating eye makeup. tsvetotip and makeup

Perfect makeup: the emphasis on green eyes Having knowledge of shades to suit your eye color, let's find out which ones are best to choose a girl with a cold exterior, and what - to warm. If you have light brown, copper, gold or red hair, green eyes should emphasize the soft tones that will not be overly contrasted with your bright appearance. Very harmonious palette will look yellow and light green colors. If you have green eyes while nature has awarded you cool shades appearance, limit pastel tones of gray, brown, beige and purple. In the creation of a richer image of the evening did not use a matte shadow, and interspersed with pearlescent effect.