Eau de Toilette Lacoste: fragrance review, features and reviews

The history of the brand began in 1933 with the creation of a white polo to play tennis. Now this is a very stylish company, a symbol of comfort and elegance. But the real creative brainchild Lacoste fragrances are created, whose odors conquered the hearts of even the most critical gourmets all over the world of perfumery.

Why Lacoste?

The feature of this brand is the easy morals, bordering with vigor. Despite the fact that Lacoste - French luxury brand, it does not meet the composition with a claim of age or Vesko of status. Perfumes sound provocatively, it is tasty, but not burdened with a difficult character, or excessive emotions.

Let's take as an example one of the most popular and favorite flavors buyers - men's toilet water Lacoste Essential. Ringing greens this fragrance distinguishes it against other similar compositions. He is very recognizable as his main task - to give its owner not only fresh, but also sexy.

Eau de Toilette Lacoste: fragrance review, features and reviews

Eau de Toilette Live provides this charge of energy that really want to live and enjoy the bright moments. However, the most extensive and popular among buyers line is a collection of L. 12. 12., where each flavor hidden in a bottle, has such a wide palette of sound that appears in men aim: to seize all and enjoy every day with new spirits. About this collection will tell later. And now we offer to get acquainted with the classics, which gave life to the rest of the perfume.

Eau de Toilette Lacoste Pour Homme

For many years, the French brand 25 joy to its customers to keep abreast of fashion and very comfortable sportswear. It was only in 1984, the brand decided to surprise everyone: the first cologne by Lacoste, designed for active and strong young men will appear in the perfume market. The composition is based on a variety of tree and fern chords, each of which plays an important role in the overall sound. And every note corresponds to the male character traits: caring, strength, warmth, endurance, equanimity, firmness.

In 2002 the company decides to freshen up the original sound, and presents a new version of the same name. Now a luxury perfume consists of the following components:

  • upper chords: grapefruit, apple, bergamot and plum;
  • Heart: cinnamon, pink pepper, cardamom, juniper;
  • Base: incense, vanilla, rum, cedar, sandalwood and musk. Eau de Toilette Lacoste: fragrance review, features and reviews

Within a few months the novelty has become so popular that the stronger sex it bought up large runs. When there is demand, there will be supply - stores began to issue orders for the new smell, and Rene Lacoste takes the right decision: releasing another collection "for him."

Eau de toilette for men Lacoste Essential Sport

To create a second masterpiece Rene Lacoste has invited well-known and talented Jean Kerleo. According to buyers, he submitted aroma fills its owner desire to live, energy and calls for quite a feat. It is not surprising, because the author set such purpose, which reached thanks to the skill and delicate taste.

The inspiration for the creation of a sports fragrance served kitesurfing - the essence of a class is easy glide over the waves on a surfboard, which moves with the help of a kite. Experiment with "wind" was a success, and as a result in 2010 the world became acquainted with another man's toilet water from Lacoste - Essential Sport.

Eau de Toilette Lacoste: fragrance review, features and reviews

Jean Kerleo filled with the sound of frosty freshness, which is enveloping the male, gives him confidence and regain strength. In the composition dominate citrus chords, ambergris and musk. Also entered in the juniper and nutmeg and flavor trail is filled with hints of vetiver and patchouli.

Agree with such a set of components of any man feel unlimited freedom.

L. 12. 12.

Do you know what the name of the series? The abbreviation stands for the collection as follows:

  • L - brand;
  • 1 - a material that uses the trademark for the production of the legendary polo shirts;
  • 2 - short-sleeved T-shirt;
  • 12 - the number of designs created before the launch of the first collection.
Eau de Toilette Lacoste: fragrance review, features and reviews

The most interesting sounding, Buyers opinion, were the following flavors:

  1. White - Pyramid tree-fern Eau de Toilette by Lacoste is made up of a grapefruit, spice, cedar wood, vetiver and suede.
  2. Vert - invigorating composition endowed with moderate freshness, capable of a little charge of his master. Delicious mint, bitter grapefruit, juicy orange blossom African herbal hints of sage.
  3. Magnetic - initial notes of opening a beautiful blend of green bamboo, pine and juniper Artemisia bitter-tart. Velvet heart hides hues of geranium and tea in a frame of flowers violets. Mossy patchouli, amber and vetiver oiliness give special base audacity.
  4. Rouge - in the toilet water from Lacoste felt mango-mandarin mix mixed on Rooibos. Then juicy shades turn into a little dryish pepper cardamom, warmed to the cheeky notes of ginger. Base pleases calm tarry with accents of benzoin.
  5. Energized - for those who are not sitting still. The basic elements are modulations of citrus, soft charm of tuberose, the coolness of peppermint, comes into the fight with passion and languid appeal of ginger suede chord.

But what about the ladies?

After the successful launch of the collection EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12, embody the spirit of polo shirts in the legendary fragrance, the brand decided to launch a series of the same name of the female compositions. The inspiration to create them also served as wardrobe attribute - pleated skirt. It was she who gave the fairer sex freedom of movement and suffered the fashion of a tennis court.

So, L.12.12 Pour Elle - these are three versions of the toilet water Lacoste, designed to lift your mood. Each of them is individual and has the ability to emphasize femininity and character of his mistress.

Eau de Toilette Lacoste: fragrance review, features and reviews

Sparkling - sparkling and sweet composition, embodying true French style and joie de vivre - joie de vivre. At first, it captures the combination of confectionery notes macaroon. Next playful mood spills over into the central chords where fragrant white flowers and jasmine, accented with tropical nuances of patchouli base.

Eau de Toilette Lacoste Pour Elle Natural - this creamy notes of coconut milk in a frame of wood nuances of iris roots. In the central chords still sound flowers, only to have him join the rose. The basis for the base steel classic shades of amber, sandalwood and coconut.

Latest fragrance collection was the song Pour Elle Elegant. Classic yet unexpected sound. Slim and elegant style reveals notes of pink pepper, citrus freshness and sweetness of currants. At the heart, creating an elegant style, flowers are combined with the nobility of vetiver. At the base of the last component added accents of vanilla and heliotrope.


Despite the large number of positive comments, no one overpraise perfume brand, because, in the opinion of customers, they are not ideal to have to seek other brands. Eau de Toilette by Lacoste - it's not refined aroma, available world-famous celebrities, and high-quality spirits, designed for active people.

All agreed on one thing: the sound of men's products can not be called trivial or simple, it is possible to catch the makings of expensive luxury compositions.

Not without the negative reviews that claim that some of the French brand perfume for men too sweet. But here the important role played by individual perception. If some sugary notes brought to nausea, while others catch them in a certain romanticism that is not alien to the stronger sex.