Revolutionary technology - Hair frosting

Enrobing hair is a procedure for the latest turning damaged, brittle and dull in shag shiny and well-groomed hair. However, this method is not curative but produces a decorative effect. A special glaze, covering the hair, protects against the negative influence of external factors - UV radiation, rain, dust and other. As a result, hair treatments are shining, full of life and energy, get a healthy look. Glazing Hair - salon is the VIP-service, but the prices are quite affordable.

Types of procedure

Revolutionary technology - Hair frosting
  • Normal Hair frosting. The main function of this procedure - protection against external negative influences. The unique composition of the glaze includes special restorative and rejuvenating elements and ceramides. Getting inside a hair tool creates throughout its surface a special plenochku which thickens it raises in the roots and seals the flake. After the procedure, hair turns the volume, sheen and natural color will be brighter and richer.
  • Color glazing hair. Revolutionary technology - Hair frosting Revolutionary technology - Hair frosting

    In addition to the effects that are obtained by the usual procedure, it allows you to give different shades that will make your hair much fresher. The undeniable advantages also include the fact that you can use every time a different color glaze. Of course, this is fundamentally you will not change, because it still does not stain, but "try" the new shade you can.

Hair Tools glazing

Which is the method you will give his preference, it is not so important - they are absolutely harmless, since did not have a part of any ammonia addition, only some of ceramides and moisturizing substances. The best-known tools that you can offer a saloon - it "Estelle", Color Synk and Vibrans. However, the most popular is the "Matrix". Hair frosting means that the firm is particularly the impact of efficiency, the procedure not only improves their appearance, but also has a curative influence.

Revolutionary technology - Hair frosting

Lamination and Hair frosting. Features and differences of 1. When you apply. Laminating procedure is carried out in the event that the hair cuticles are destroyed, they do not have the density, thickness, pushatsya and subjected to frequent bleaching and profound effects of chemicals. That is, it makes the ladies with quite serious problems. Glazing experts beauty salons offer for those who have hair rather good, but just do not have a natural shine.

2. Impact. The process of lamination followed by drying via ironing. When glazing hair is not subjected to heat treatment.

3. The cost of the procedure. For the price of glazing is the most inexpensive in the group of services for hair care products. Laminating, on the contrary, it is almost the most expensive procedure.

4. Term. Lamination keeps the hair is much longer than the frosting, but it all depends on the frequency of washing hair and individual characteristics.