10 ways to save on holiday, not limiting themselves to impressions

10 ways to save on holiday, not limiting themselves to impressions

I think that is expensive to travel around Europe? No, if you know how to save and relax at the same time comfortably. Here are a few practical tips:

Method 1: Subscribe to loukost-mailing airlines.

How about to fly from Paris to Barcelona for € 10, and from Barcelona to AC Milan - 25? Airlines often announce ticket sales, and you just have to catch them in time. To be aware of, subscribe to the mailing list of all the airlines - will be plenty to choose from.

Method 2: Use a travel by public transport.

Instead of buying a single fare ticket, economical to purchase unlimited travel for a day, week or month. Travel comfortably enjoy in the rich excursion day when you have to travel a lot.

Method 3: Buy the tourist city card.

In most European cities, you can purchase a tourist card. For example, buying a Barcelona card for 35 euros, you have two days will be able to free travel on public transport, get free access to 15 museums and attractions, big discounts at 25 museums, discounts at restaurants, clubs, the zoo and the goods in a number of souvenir shops.

Method 4: Buy the museum card.

But be careful with them: for example, a two-day Paris Museum Pass costs € 42 and gives the opportunity to visit 60 museums. But how many of them actually examine in two days? Go to Versailles, thoughtful walk through the Louvre - and it turns out that a museum card is not even paid off. Almost everywhere there are the days of free access to museums, it is worth it to ask in advance. And, of course, catch the happy days (almost all European museums one day per month free of charge).

The method 5: Find free tours.

Free guided tours in almost every city in Europe. Type in a search engine something like "Berlin free walking tour" - and you will go to the sites of volunteer organizations that organize daily walking tours free of charge. From a money grab as many as are willing to sacrifice: at the end of the tour they accept voluntary contributions from grateful listeners.

Method 6: Get the license ISIC, ITIC or IYTC.

If you're a student or a full-time lecturer - Make international certificates ISIC, ITIC or IYTC. On them you can get good discounts on travel, accommodation, food, communication, entertainment and shopping.

Method 7: Travel on weekdays.

The largest influx of tourists popular cities experience on weekends. Tickets for trains and planes are cheaper in the days from Monday to Thursday: use this time to the budget of moving from one point to another. In addition, tickets to amusement parks and trips more expensive on weekends and holidays.

Method 8: Take care of the water in advance.

Traders in popular tourist spots are well aware that thirst - all, and throw up their prices for drinks, which is 2-3 times higher than the price in supermarkets for the local. To avoid spending 3 euros for a bottle at two swallows in the morning buy a liter of water in the nearest grocery store - you will appreciate this advice during a long walk.

Method 9: Check out tax free on purchases.

In almost all countries, the value added tax for foreigners willing to return. Literally translated as tax free "no tax". If you do not use the product in a foreign country, and takes him home to pack, while crossing the border on presentation of receipt of the goods and receive a portion spent on its purchase amount back.

The method 10: sober approach to buying souvenirs.

Count how many useless gizmos you have accumulated over the years of travel. In order not to make money in the dust, firmly decide that you do not buy anything that will facilitate the purse more than N rubles, or heavy with luggage on N kg. Remember that every kilogram overweight will cost an average of 500 rubles - this idea sober, when he wants to buy something "for mere pennies."

And one last tip:

To get from the legendary places a good impression, do not expect too much. Do not come to him in a rush hour in the middle of the season: jam spoil everything. For example, on the same Eiffel Tower is better to go in the evening - standing at the top or by going to the restaurant (it closes later than the ticket office), you can enjoy Paris in a comfortable environment. And go to the Louvre for half an hour before the opening, buy a ticket from the machine and run to the second floor to be among the lucky ones who saw the "Mona Lisa" in front of him, and not on top of thousands of heads of Chinese tourists. And, most importantly, remember that a fairy tale and create a miracle we are, so to hell with them, these lists.