How to pluck eyebrows properly and without pain

For the correction of eyebrows right thing to contact the salon. The specialist will recommend suitable for your face shape type, color and performs depilation. And then you can take care of yourself and at home.

How to pluck eyebrows properly and without pain How to pluck eyebrows properly and without pain

But with no less success the original shape can be done yourself. You will need a large mirror (frees both hands, allowing you to see the face completely), a disinfectant lotion and tweezers.

How to pluck eyebrows correctly

Fashion - lady capricious, that certain forms of the eyebrows it changes constantly. If you are an active woman of fashion, follow on the heels of her in choosing clothes or cosmetics. But the natural line and the shape of the eyebrows strongly it is not necessary to change (some hair removal has never recovered). Also do not forget that the "fashion" eyebrows may not be suitable for all face shapes. Classical forms of eyebrows:

  • round;
  • curved (very popular "house");
  • straight;
  • broken.

How to pluck eyebrows correctly and beautifully?

Eyebrow line is adjusted depending on the shape of the face. Therefore, the question of how to pluck eyebrows, "house", there are some recommendations:

  • For the oval face fit flowing lines of the eyebrows.
  • In a round face shape eyebrows as if lifted, slightly round off the ends.
  • Ideal with triangular shaped faces are long, slightly elevated line.
  • If a person square - preferably "do" them into a smooth arc.

How to pluck eyebrows right at home?

In order to properly pluck eyebrows, it is necessary to form the desired line. For this need: dark shadows, eyeliner or eyebrow, stiff fine brush. Creating a form, it is necessary with pencil or shadows cause lines drawn from the nose wing to certain parts of the face. crossing points with their natural brow line mark.

Line number 1

Starting line passes through the inner corner of the eye. At the point of intersection with the eyebrow is necessary to extend it vertically upwards. Hairs that go beyond this line towards the nose, are removed.

Line number 2

Line closure is carried out through the outer corner of the eye. All the hairs are removed from the outside. If the natural line does not reach that point, it is necessary to touch up or a tattoo to make a correction.

Line № 3

maximum bending line. It passes through the edge of the iris right eye of the beholder.

How to pluck eyebrows properly and without pain

How to pluck eyebrows properly and without pain

Lighting should be bright, to perform correction in the daylight - ideal. Hands, face, and eyebrows, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Disinfect lotion eyebrow tweezers - alcohol solution. Area eyebrows in any case do not smear cream - slip badly trapped hairs, the procedure will be painful and long. For pain of this process is ideal for a hot compress or steam room (under the influence of heat expands the pores and hair pulled out a lot easier). Some are for the same purpose a piece of ice.

  • define the pencil point start, end and bending eyebrows. In the presence of the applicator apply it and light pencil circle shape.
  • Eyebrow comb brush. Do not forget that removes hair from the upper edge of the eyebrow is risky, especially their own. This varies greatly from facial expressions, to correct the situation almost impossible.
  • To begin to pull in the necessary places to 1 and after 3 points, then - along the lower edge of the eyebrow, creating the desired shape and bending. Tweezers grab one hair at a sharp jerk and remove.
  • plucking need alternately left and right eyebrow, symmetrically paired hairs. Take breaks often comparing both sides of the face.
  • After the end of the treated area hair removal lotion. After a few minutes, apply the cream or gel anti-inflammatory action. This eliminates the flaking and the appearance of ingrown hairs. How to pluck eyebrows properly and without pain

From time to time (once a week), remove the hairs grow back.