Why can not shave the bikini area: a few reasons

Most women want to have a perfectly smooth skin, it is no exception and the bikini area. Few people are satisfied with the naturalness in this area of ​​the body. Since hair removal in this area is very painful, the most common way is to shave bikini.

Why can not shave the bikini area: a few reasons

The arguments "against"

Despite the availability of this method, it has a number of drawbacks. The very first drawback is the short-term effect. This procedure has to be repeated regularly. In this case, an ugly annoyance in the form of small pimples may appear on the skin. And that could cause some itching, which occurs unexpectedly. The question arises: "How to shave the bikini area?"

The correct choice of

It is very important to choose the right machine. First, never use someone else's machine or device with a blunt blade. When choosing a tool, note the presence of a security strip, to which a gel or cream for better sliding on the surface of the skin. When using the machine blunt upper layer of the skin is damaged severely, and this will lead to greater irritation. Why not shave the bikini area is not my machine? Well, first of all - it is very unhygienic. If you use someone else's shaving tool, there is a risk of infection, especially inflamed skin.

Why can not shave the bikini area: a few reasons

algorithm action

Before you begin to shave, you need to prepare. To do this, be sure to moisten the skin with warm water and apply the gel or shaving foam. Wait a bit to the skin softened, and then proceed with the procedure. If it so happened that the foam is over, then, as a last resort, instead it can use a shower gel (but in any case not soap!). Why can not shave the bikini area with soap? The fact that it is very strongly dries the skin, but it also leads to severe irritation. Start shaving is necessary, gently pulling the skin surface. Hair shaved off only in the direction of growth. This helps to avoid them growing into the skin. Movement to do smooth, moving from top to bottom. After the procedure the skin surface was washed thoroughly with water and applied moisturizing cream or lotion containing no alcohol.

On the need to pay attention?

However, it should reflect on the following points. Scientists are not advised to use a razor for hair removal. Why can not shave the bikini zone according to the experts? Some of them believe that the hair shaving provoked their accelerated growth, and for this reason, the body begins to produce male hormones. They, in turn, contribute to the accumulation of excess kilos in a woman's body. Avoid such a negative effect on the use of razors will help training in the gym.

Why can not shave the bikini area: a few reasons


This is the main reason why you can not shave the bikini zone. It stands to gain commitment and to go to the lounge for intimate depilation or make a similar procedure at home. Especially because the result in this case will last much longer.