Tonics "Smart Enamel": reviews, descriptions

Cosmetics stores and pharmacies are filled with drugs to strengthen nails, one of which will be discussed in this article. Consider shopping brand "Smart Enamel" reviews and features the use of funds. Just note that not all of them are suitable, especially if you have just removed the false nails.


Summary of the brand

Trading Products "Clever enamel" is available from the US corporation Frenchi Products Inc. All of their tools are made from carefully selected complexes of mineral substances that have a therapeutic effect on the nail plate. The application of each spray, oil is available in the home and does not cause problems.

Nail Recovery

Having studied the description of "Smart Enamel" reviews, you can find out that there are several kinds of tools in this series. First of all we are talking about the so-called reductant damaged nails. This varnish makes the nails are thicker and stronger. Also heal small cracks and peeling. But do not believe that heavily damaged plate is glued, as it is beyond the power of any means. Strengthen nails

One of the main reasons that women are interested in the fact that such "Smart Enamel" nail strengthener, is the need to restore the plate in a short time. This tool is one of the best in the series, since it not only gives a healthy kind of hands, but also saves the effect on a sufficiently long period. For the only downside is the fact that the coating is not very stable, but given the fact that every day is necessary to apply two coats of special significance it has.


Comprehensive care

This category may include several means. First of all, this "Smart Enamel 3 in 1", which combines three functions: strengthener, the base and cover. Many use the tool as a base, but it is more suitable for prevention. If it is required to eliminate the problems appeared already, it is desirable to apply the paint in a pure form. Another versatile tool from the brand "Smart Enamel", reviews of which we use in this article is a "complex 7". This lacquer is intended to align the plate structure, its wetting and reinforcement. It consists of the presence of vitamin B and E, soy protein, calcium, aloe and ginseng extract. Available on the "Smart Enamel" means responses indicate that the varnish reliable and long does not peel off the film and fully cope with the tasks.


Additional care

In addition to the nutritional complexes, the brand is "diamond coating", "Ultra-shine polish," "Color Power", "Superzaschitnoe coating", "The effect of wet nails." All of the above funds are intended primarily for aesthetic effect, but they also contain vitamins and nutrients, just to a lesser extent. Of course, this is not "the Clever enamel" -ukrepitel, but for prevention - some of the best varnishes. It is worth noting that all the paints that are listed above (except "Superzaschitnogo coatings") provide light shade. This should be considered if you prefer bright colors, as they may be slightly distorted.