Swimming for weight loss: the main aspects

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Swimming for weight loss - it is perhaps the best way to weight control. Each woman knows that for preparing bouillon fat floats to the surface, ie. K. A density less than the density of water. A similar process occurs when submerged more than average in the pool. Body fat "pull" the body to the surface, which allows people to complete much easier to float than thin.

Swimming for weight loss: the main aspects

minimizing risks

Swimming in the pool for weight loss allows you to implement his plan with minimal risk to the "big" body. The fact that the vascular system, joints and spine by nature designed to srednestatichesky weight. Therefore, exercises on land for them can be cumbersome at first. In the classroom the swimming body becomes lighter, the load on all organs are reduced. It is also possible to use inflatable articles, boards and other heats. To further reduce the weight in water.

"Pearl" skin

Slimming Swimming has another interesting effect. Water, of course, is denser substance than air. Therefore, in a more or less intense workouts body constantly struggling aqueous medium with a resistance which leads to mikroshlifovki skin, whereby almost all swimmers very smooth, elastic skin.

Swimming for weight loss: the main aspects

Getting Started

Any exercise, including swimming for weight loss begins with a warm-up, during which over half an hour somewhere you need to do intense movements of the same amplitude. Your heart rate should rise to 50% above normal. After that you can go to the pool and swim in slow tempo track back and forth several times appropriate style. Brass is generally selected. continue

If you are going to practice swimming for weight loss, reviews and statistics report that this is best done style "crawl" and at a high pace. Many people attending classes, simply can not lose weight significantly, as are swimming, and do not swim in the pool. Coaches recommend a quick swim for at least five minutes, alternating styles and use of the swimming board to work out the lower body. Training needed to complete a series of heats for 10-15 minutes in a comfortable mode for you.

Swimming for weight loss: the main aspects

What style of swimming burns the most calories?

If you just stay in the water, gently fingering the limbs, in an hour you will burn four calories per kilogram of body weight. The average intensity of swimming crawl, which is the fastest style, would "blow" has 8 calories per kg of body weight for the same period of time. Intensive hour swimming breaststroke allows you to get rid of 10 kcal per kilogram. Crawl speed will pick up your calories with the same incredible speed - 11 kcal per kilogram of body weight. So, if you weigh 100 kg and quickly swim for half an hour a crawl, then spend 550 calories. Summing up, we can say that swimming for weight loss - it is a useful exercise that best practice throughout their lives to maintain good form.