How to paint brown eyes?

Brown eyes are the most attractive, mysterious and extraordinary

How to paint brown eyes?

damn sexy. To emphasize all these advantages, it is necessary to possess the technique of a suitable makeup. If it is done correctly and accurately, you can conquer any man. Suffice only a glimpse to your image forever imprinted in the mind and memory of the person who met with your eyes for a few seconds.

The basis of the right makeup

Correctly paint brown eyes - is an art, which is based on two things: the goal of makeup and color matching. Now, we concentrate on them and analyze in detail each item.

The purpose of makeup

Day make-up is different from the evening as much as the day from the night. Therefore, the goal in front of them are different. Day is intended to emphasize a little natural beauty. Its main differences are light and unobtrusive. Evening make-up allowed much more. It should be catchy and attractive. However, there is a very thin and blurred the line between the bright makeup and flashy. Cross the line between sexy and provocative can not in any case, as you may be misunderstood. Makeup Palette

How to paint brown eyes?

If you have black hair and brown eyes you have, then you fit the following colors: silver, black, dark brown, golden and lilac. Blondes and brown-haired better to choose green, camel or dark pink color, also good light and dark beige. This palette is the main for women who have brown eyes. Make-up, day or night, can contain not only the color but also their shades. To get an interesting variant of the ideal make-APA, they can be combined in various combinations. Here are some of our proposals.

Light make-up for brown eyes

To begin, be sure to apply to eyelids nourishing cream foundation - it will prevent the shadows from rolling. A little powder the face. Cover the eyelids shadows of the base color, using a wide soft brush, blend well. Add black accents around the eyes (for far set eyes - internal angle at close - external), form the desired amount. Apply a lighter shade on the area below the eyebrows and under the lower eyelids. This method will give a natural makeup. Move the pencil lash line: blondes - brown or gray, brown - black, dark brown, dark blue or dark green. Complete your makeup light shine shit lips. For applying a make-up day at the brown eyes do not use too dark shades. Remember that the spotlight should be only your opinion. Daytime makeup

How to paint brown eyes?

Cover the upper eyelid basis lilac. At the far edge of the upper eyelid should use black shadows. Blend them by mid-century. Best for evening makeup will use liquid eyeliner or black pencil. Applying eyeliner must be done before you apply the shadow. Due to the eyelashes will look darker, and your brown eyes will get mystery.

Evening make-up

It differs from the day only the brightness and color saturation. For such purposes, use cosmetics counter - lengthening mascara, glitter. Be sure to experiment with the color of eyeliner and shadow, because for brown eyes specially created all the fashionable colors of the season.